“Kyrie Thing” Didn’t Discourage Kevin Durant, Odds Still Favoring the Nets to win the Title

  • Kevin Durant is not happy that Kyrie Irving is not with the team but hopes to see a positive outcome of the entire situation.
  • KD stated that the team has to focus on future challenges.
  • Kyrie is not with the team at the moment, after the Nets decided to do so.
  • The odds still favor Brooklyn to win the NBA title this season, despite the current situation.

Kyrie Irving’s future with the Nets is unclear at this moment, as Uncle Drew isn’t with the team due to his choice not to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Kevin Durant spoke about that today, stating that everyone has the right to choose and that he hopes to see a positive outcome of the entire situation.

KD Wants Kyrie Available but Accepts the Reality

Durant spoke with the media this Thursday night, and a big part of his conversation was about Kyrie Irving and the team’s decision to send him away from the rest of the unit.

KD expressed his displeasure for everything that happened but stated that the team doesn’t have any other choice but to focus on the upcoming challenges. He told the media that having Kyrie available would be a great thing, but for the moment, he and the rest of the players need to focus on the court and their job in the best possible way.

Just to remind, Irving is separated from the team because he chose not to accept the COVID-19 vaccine, which prevents him from playing games in the state of New York. The COVID-19 rules and guidelines include a mandatory vaccine for NBA players.

Irving chose not to take the vaccine, which makes him ineligible for more than half of the matches Nets will play this year. Until he takes the vaccine, Uncle Drew will be away from the team.

Some are even suggesting that we might see him traded to another team because Brooklyn isn’t willing to have one of the key and the most expensive players in the current limbo.

Odds Still Favoring the Nets

Despite all the negative atmosphere, the Nets are still the No.1 favorite to win the NBA according to the latest odds. The average value of them taking the Larry O’Brien trophy is +230.

The next on the list are the LA Lakers +320, and after them come the Milwaukee Bucks +700. Far behind are the Warriors and the Clippers with +1100 and +1300.

Regarding the Eastern Conference, the Nets to take the honors is +100. Bucks are +320, and the Philadelphia 76ers +800.

The odds didn’t drop significantly because bookmakers probably think that having Harden and Durant might be enough for the Nets to rule the league.

KD is the second favorite to win the NBA MVP award, +600, behind only Luka Doncic, who is +450. Meanwhile, James Harden is +2000, but if Beard starts playing as he knows, those odds are going to get much, much shorter.

All in all, having Kyrie or not, Brooklyn is among the best teams in the NBA, and it seems that the current turbulence won’t affect the Nets’ performances too much.

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