Updated Betting Odds to win NFL MVP

The NFL MVP race is looking to only feature three players in it this year, with a whole bunch of guys tied for the fourth best odds, well behind the leaders. Read below as we highlight the three quarterbacks that are in the running to take it home.

1) Patrick Mahomes (-140)

How has he been doing it?! Has he taken the last remaining liquid from Michael’s Secret Stuff water bottle in Space Jam (1995)? Has he been doing a special sort of meditation that leaves him in the zone before every game? Is it the fact that under his helmet, he looks so much like Stephen Curry? Whatever it is, it has been working.

His first season as a starter in the NFL has produced wild numbers. Mahomes has 4,543 yards and has thrown 45 touchdown passes this season, keeping an endless number of plays alive with his feet, which keep moving, and he refuses to go down. He has thrown 11 picks, but to all the TD passes he has thrown, that’s really not much. He has the Chiefs at 11-3, despite having one of the worst defenses in all the NFL by the numbers. He has also added two more rushing TD’s and could end up with a 5,000-yard season. He is the clear favorite.

2) Drew Brees (-105)

His odds down from -200 last week, Brees has helped the Saints to clinch the NFC South. His stats don’t come anywhere close to Mahomes, but the ease which he has moved the ball has been phenomenal. He’s got 3,463 yards (he hasn’t had under 4,000 his last year in San Diego in 2005), but has thrown 31 TD passes to just four picks. He has kept such great care of the ball and has a career-best four rushing touchdowns. The run game has been doing big things for them this year, playing a big part in their 11-2 record and early clinching of the division. He likely won’t be able to get ahead of Mahomes, but we can still marvel at how good he is at this age.

3) Philip Rivers (+1,600)

He is a longshot to have a chance to win, but he is third in the odds race. Rivers has now executed massive fourth-quarter comeback wins against perennial winners KC and Pittsburgh. Both times, from two scores down in the final quarter. He had his ninth kid recently, and he’s having another amazing season at age 37. He has 31 TD passes (three from a career-high) and eight picks, with 3,951 yards. The 11 wins he has helped LA to is the most since 2009 when they went 13-3. This is his first 10-win season in nine campaigns. They got the right coach in Anthony Lynn, and Rivers has been nothing but a beast. A 7X Pro Bowler, we hope he can somehow snatch the award from Mahomes. He deserves some MVP hardware.

Tied for 4 with +3300 odds…

Jared Goff
Aaron Donald
Andrew Luck
Todd Gurley

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