Nostalgia Alert – NFL Teams in Throwback Uniforms

Firstly, let’s go over when the throwback uniforms get brought out on the field to issue football fans a blast from the past. Teams are often given throwback uniforms to wear on the field during anniversaries, significant events, and other special occasions. Fans go wild as they cheer on a celebration of history and a change-up from the usual team wardrobe. This is a list of the most recent memorable occasions where the old uniforms were dusted off and brought out in celebration and remembrance.

3 November 2019

Let’s start with the most recent of the bunch which happened earlier this month. The Buffalo Bills ran onto the field with their 1960s American Football League uniform. This particular appearance occurred during their 24-9 victory against the Washington Redskins on the New Era Field. The significance of this uniform is that the Buffalo Bills managed to win back-to-back AFL titles in the years 1964 and 1965.

20 October 2019

The next entry on this list is thanks to the Washington Redskins making an appearance wearing a version of the team’s 1930s uniform. This occurred during a game against the San Francisco 49ers at FedExField. The team may have suffered a 9-0 loss; however, they still had their fans cheering this nostalgic display of history when the Redskins made the move to Washington back in 1937.

29 September 2019

The Detroit Lions donned a throwback look in remembrance of the team’s inaugural season back in the year 1934. This was during a game against the Kansas City Chiefs on the Ford Field. This uniform may just have brought the team a little luck along with its appearance as the team won with a score of 34-30.

The second wardrobe change on this date happened to be at a different game where the Chicago Bears brought out a throwback uniform to play against the Minnesota Vikings. This throwback features a uniform inspired by the team’s 1936 season. The outcome of the game is 16-6 in the Bears favour on the Soldier Field.

22 September 2019

The Green Bay Packers were victorious over the Denver Broncos while wearing a re-creation of the team’s 1937-1948 blue-and-gold uniform. The score ended up being an impressive 27-16 win at Lambeau Field.

9 December 2019

At Hard Rock Stadium, the Miami Dolphins brought out a throwback uniform for their victory over the New England Patriots. The score was 34-33 as a winning touchdown by Kenyan Drake brought the team to victory.

28 October 2019

During a 24-10 win by the Chicago Bears against the New York Jets, the Bears appeared in a uniform that is similar in appearance to the uniform of the famous 1940’s Monsters of the Midway. This game took place on the Soldier Field with a score of 24-10.

9 October 2019

The Pittsburgh Steelers stole the show by running onto the field wearing the team’s 1933 first season uniform as they had been doing since 2014 in honour of this very first season when the team was first known as the Pittsburgh Pirates. This game resulted in a 31-13 win over the New York Jets on the Heinz Field.