NHL Joins AGA to Boost Awareness of Responsible Gambling

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The National Hockey League (NHL) has become the latest sports betting organization to vow support for the American Gaming Association (AGA) in the latter’s bid to boost awareness of problem gambling and protect consumers.

As a result, the NHL will develop hockey-themed and league-controlled marketing assets to help facilitate responsible gambling messages across multiple channels. Those will be aired in co-branded in-arena space, and come in the form of frequent announcements and digital inventory.

The entire effort will gravitate around the “Have a Game Plan” campaign which issues advice on how to experience gambling. AGA recommends sticking to budgets, understanding how odds and probabilities work, and participating in betting contests only as a hobby and at licensed and regulated sportsbooks in the United States.

Under the partnership, the NHL will collaborate with sportsbooks in states that allow wagers on sports betting contests. The league will develop responsible gambling content tailored to each franchise and market specifically.

AGA Seeks Help from Sporting Organizations to Boost Awareness

In September, a similar partnership was struck between NASCAR and AGA, with the premier motorsports organization vowing to uphold the tenets of responsible gambling. The NASCAR partnership came with a catchy slogan of its own and specifically “Take a Pit Stop.”

Commenting on the recent tie-up, NHL Executive VP & CBO Keith Wachtel praised AGA’s efforts in establishing a program designed to help spread awareness of an important issue. AGA SVP of Strategic Communications Casey Clark had this to add:

“Our goal is to make sure that people who are seeing significantly more content around sports betting, and who are exposed to more opportunities to bet legally on sports in their markets, are able to better understand what that means.”

Clark insisted that betting on legal markets was essential to guarantee that consumers were protected. Some confusion still exists as to which sportsbooks were legal and which aren’t. That is one of the main reasons why so many people ended up registering at unauthorized websites.

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