NHL Odds: Stanley Cup Final 2021 Matchup Odds

  • NHL regular season gets underway in October, and will run until April
  • Playoffs will then take center stage between April and June

The start of another NHL season is upon us, and there are a number of exciting betting markets available for fans of the sport. One of the most precise available is the Exact Stanley Cup Matchup. Bets must successfully predict the two franchises that will compete for the Stanley Cup in the final seven-game series of the season. Below, you can find the odds available at BetOnline.ag.

Stanley Cup Final 2021 Matchup Vegas Odds

Stanley Cup Final MatchupOdds
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Colorado Avalanche+1500
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Vegas Golden Knights+1800
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Colorado Avalanche+2200
Boston Bruins vs Colorado Avalanche+2500
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Vegas Golden Knights+2800
Boston Bruins vs Vegas Golden Knights+3300
Florida Panthers vs Colorado Avalanche+3300
New York Islanders vs Colorado Avalanche+3500
Carolina Hurricanes vs Colorado Avalanche+4000
Florida Panthers vs Vegas Golden Knights+4000
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Colorado Avalanche+4000
New York Islanders vs Vegas Golden Knights+4500
New York Rangers vs Colorado Avalanche+4500
Carolina Hurricanes vs Vegas Golden Knights+5000
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Vegas Golden Knights+5000
Washington Capitals vs Colorado Avalanche+5000
New York Rangers vs Vegas Golden Knights+5500
Philadelphia Flyers vs Colorado Avalanche+5500
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Edmonton Oilers+6000
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Minnesota Wild+6000
Washington Capitals vs Vegas Golden Knights+6000
Philadelphia Flyers vs Vegas Golden Knights+7000
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Dallas Stars+7000
Tampa Bay Lightning vs St Louis Blues+7000
Montreal Canadiens vs Colorado Avalanche+8000
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Seattle Kraken+8000
New Jersey Devils vs Colorado Avalanche+9000
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Chicago Blackhawks+9000
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Winnipeg Jets+9000
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Minnesota Wild+9000

Best Potential NHL Stanley Cup Matchups

This is undeniably one of the most difficult NHL betting markets available online, as both factors of the wager must be correct. Typically, there is always one franchise that overperforms in the NHL, and that was evident last season as the Montreal Canadiens made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals before being beaten by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

However, the current odds show that the franchises at the top of the betting for the Stanley Cup in 2021 make up the majority of the favorites to make the matchup series. The Colorado Avalanche are the current favorites to win the illustrious honor next season and are present in three of the top four selections in the matchup betting. The current favorite in the matchup market will see the two-time defending champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning take on the Colorado Avalanche, which would certainly be a stunning final series.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins look to be in the main competition for the Tampa Bay Lightning in their respective conference. Meanwhile, the Vegas Golden Knights look to be the main rivals for the Colorado Avalanche in the Western Conference.

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