Odds on Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Tour Being Postponed Set at -4000

Taylor Swift is always in the spotlight. Sometimes it’s for her songs, sometimes it’s for her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Right now, the main worry of the Swifties is whether Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Tour is going to be postponed. If you’re going to trust bookmakers, such a thing is very, very likely to happen.

Will Taylor Swift’s “Lover” tour be postponed? Odds at MyBookie.ag
Yes -4000
No +1000

With the coronavirus spreading all over the Earth, killing tens of thousands of people and infecting hundreds of thousands of them, a logical decision for Taylor Swift would be to cancel her ‘Lover’ tour. The strategy to battle the pandemic is to promote ‘social distancing’. That’s something that’s impossible to achieve at crowded concerts of one of the most popular singers of the day.

Taylor Swift should start her ‘Lover’ tour in Europe in June before going back to America. Knowing that a number of European states have decided to close their borders due to the pandemic, the chances that the tour will actually happen this summer are pretty slim.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Tour is Just One of Many to be Postponed

If canceled, Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ tour will become just one of many events that have been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Rolling Stones have canceled their ‘No Filter’, Coachella has been canceled, as well as many other music festivals.

Basically the same is the case with sports events. Some of the biggest competitions to be postponed as a result of the outbreak include the following:

  • Olympics postponed to 2021
  • Euro 2020 postponed to 2020
  • 2019-20 NBA season postponed indefinitely
  • 2019-20 NHL season postponed indefinitely
  • The start of the 2020 MLB season postponed indefinitely

In addition, the ATP/WTA tour has been postponed until later April. Still, that date will probably be moved for another few weeks. The same goes for all the other major competitions with a set return date.

At the moment of writing, the most popular bets in sportsbooks are those on esports. In addition, some bookmakers are also offering bets from sports competitions that are still going despite the pandemic, e.g. Belarus hockey league, Nicaragua soccer league, etc.

There Are Some Interesting Coronavirus Props to Bet On

Many online sportsbooks are letting their players put their money on coronavirus-related bets. How long the pandemic is going to last, when the vaccine is going to be produced, which celebs are going to get it – these are some of the examples of coronavirus props you can bet on.

Moreover, some bookmakers are letting the players come up with their own prop bets. This has been a practice MyBookie.ag has been doing for years via social media as evident from the following Tweet.

Andrew Cuomo, the current New York Governor, is currently in the media spotlight for his handling of the outbreak in the country’s biggest city. Many of his supporters have started suggesting that he should move onto the federal stage once the crisis is over. One of those is the former pornstar Mia Khalifa.

If you share miss Khalifa’s opinion that Cuomo is going to become US President in 2020, you better stay put – the Twitter account manager of MyBookie has promised the betting odds will be released soon.

At the moment, the only available bet regarding Andrew Cuomo is that he’s going to win the 2020 election. The odds, however, suggest that such a scenario is not going to play out. They’re currently +2000.