Odds Say Yankees, Dodgers, Astros Still in the Lead to Win World Series

  • New York Yankees listed as +300 favorites to win the World Series
  • Astros are still recovering from the sign-stealing scandal
  • Los Angeles Dodgers were back-to-back runners-up in both 2017 and 2018

Three serious contenders have been listed early as the likely favorites for the 2020 MLB World Series. Among them are the Yankees, Dodgers and the somewhat scandalous Astros.

In Expectation of the MLB World Series – Overview

The offseason has brought us a lot of excitement already and the most likely strong contenders for the upcoming World Series are already known. The New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros are all in the lead.

The Astros have definitely made headlines so far, with the team involved in a controversy known simply as the ‘sign-stealing scandal’ Houston used videotapes to predict throws and respond accordingly.

And besides, Astros are now hunting for more managers, with Brad Ausmus reportedly interviewing for the job. All of this aside, are still convincingly listed at the top of the current list of teams with odds of +350.

We have taken a closer look at the three leading teams and their 2020 MLB odds to win the World Series.

Odds to Win the 2020 MLB World Series

Team Odds
The New York Yankees +300
Los Angeles Dodgers +650
Houston Astros +700

*Odds taken from BetOnline on January 25.

Yankees Odds of Winning the Title

The Yankees are looking at a strong start in the upcoming season. With the Spring Training just a month away, there have already been a handful of interesting developments, including the addition of JA Happ as the team’s 5th starter.

Meanwhile, the team managed to set a new home runs record 18 games before the end of the 2019 regular season, and even though they faltered in the League Championship Series, the Yankees still seem poised to make it into the World Series.

As of this update, the Yankees are listed at +350 odds.

Recent performance: The Yankees haven’t really made it to the World Series these past few years. Their last appearance was in 2009 when they won. Before that, New York finished as the runner-up in both 2003 and 2001. The club definitely has strong baseball traditions and they definitely look strong under their current leadership.

When did they last win? The Yankees sealed the title back in 2009 under the care of Joe Girardi, defeating Philadelphia Phillies 4-2.

The Los Ange Dodgers’ Shot at the World Series

The Dodgers are listed at +600 odds to win the title, which definitely puts them neck-and-neck with quite a few competitors out there. Scott Alexander and Austin Barnes have been both signed for one-year and the 2020 season will largely determine if the players have a place in Los Angeles.

The last game in the 2018 World Series, Dodgers vs Red Sox.

They felt short of what fans and analysts expected of them last year, but the team is set to play against the Angels in the Spring training this year from February 26 through March 25 when the last game will be held.

That would hopefully help clarify the form the Dodgers are currently in.

Recent performance: The Los Angeles Dodgers meant business these past few years, reaching the finals in both 2018 and 2017 but losing to Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros respectively.

Still, two back-to-back showings at the World Series is very impressive, and even though they couldn’t repeat the feat in 2019, the team is still very confident in their odds for the year.

When did they last win? The dodgers last won back in 1988 under Tommy Lasorda, defeating the Oakland Athletics 4-1.

Houston Astros – What a Mess

After accusations continued to swirl and at long last the Houston Astros were caught snooping in on other teams, using videotapes to crack their signaling system, they quickly fell from grace.

Yet, their game has been solid and the team has continued to work through the motions to deliver stellar performance. Admittedly, they have disappointed many people by allowing themselves to prioritize dishonest methods of collecting information (although they are quite a few people who would argue that the team did nothing wrong), but that would be reason enough for the team to want to prove themselves once again.

Former Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel apologizes for 2017 sign stealing.

The Astros are right now listed at odds of +700 making for a bold claim on the World Series.

Recent performance: The Houston Astros have been making steady progress over the past few years, but their strongest years have been the last three. They sealed a title victory in 2017 and then lost narrowly to the Washington Nationals in 2019 at the finals.

Truth be told, Houston pulled off amazing games, leading to a 4-3 in the overall game score in both 2017 and 2019, showing their competitive edge and class. Yet, to some, this has all been facilitated by their studying of enemies’ signals and using them against them.

When did they last win? The Houston Astros won in 2017 versus the Los Angeles Dodgers in a highly-contested 4-3 series.