OBJ traded to the Browns
Junior Browne  |  Wed 13th Mar   | NFL

In a move that has shocked the entire league, the New York Giants have traded Odell Beckham Jr to the Cleveland Browns.

Odell Beckham Jr is Going to a Smaller Market but Better Team

Upon hearing the news that he was traded, Odell Beckham Jr must have had mixed emotions about leaving New York for Cleveland. From a football point of view, that’s a great move. The Browns are trending up and are a young team with tons of talent and a QB that is arguably already better than the one he has now who seems to get worse with every game he plays. From a personal life point of view, he might not be as excited. OBJ is a 26-year-old millionaire who is the most famous athlete in New York city. Take a moment to think about what a day in the life of that guy would be like and then imagine being told you have to move that show to Cleveland. No matter what, he is not as excited about that aspect of the move even though in reality, it’s exactly what he needs. He will have infinitely less distractions in Cleveland and can focus on football in his down time instead of all the things that come with being OBJ in NYC. Anyway if Lebron can make it work in Cleveland, Odell will be just fine.

What Does This Mean for the Browns?

The Cleveland Browns gave up a 1st round pick (number 17 overall) a 3rd round pick and safety Jabril Peppers for Odell Beckham Jr. That is an absolute steal for the Browns and gives their young franchise QB Baker Mayfield one of the best weapons in the NFL. In fact, if you look up and down the Browns roster, there can be a legitimate argument made that the Browns have the most young talent in the NFL. They have drafted incredibly over the last few years and have made great moves in free agency.

One look at their offense and you quickly realize that the Browns are stacked. While he is still young and learning, Baker Mayfield showed flashes of greatness while not being in an ideal circumstance. He hated his coach with good reason and didn’t really have a deep threat at wide receiver. While Jarvis Landry had a good season, he is a possession receiver not a deep threat. Now he has OBJ, one of his best friends and ex college teammate to stretch the field and make his life much easier. Even though the signing of Kareem Hunt was very controversial, as a football move it’s great for the Browns. He’s still very young and in the short time he’s played he has shown that he is one of the most talented running backs in the NFL. Even if he is suspended, they have Nick Chubb who legitimately has a claim to the starting running back spot with how well he played last year. What that means is the Browns have a potential two-headed monster at running back. The Browns are even deep on the offensive line where they had enough depth at guard to trade starter Kevin Zeitler to the Giants for pass rusher Olivier Vernon in another great move by the Browns.

What Are the Giants Doing?

The initial reaction by most Giants fans on social media has been predictable, “they kept Eli and got rid of Odell Beckham”. Essentially many people are calling them a rebuilding team with a 38-year old QB. That same 38-year old is scheduled to make $23 million next season. The pieces they got in return for Beckham are not bad but it would take a miracle to draft a talent anything close to OBJ with the 17th overall pick. This trade feels similar to the Antonio Brown situation where it might almost be addition by subtraction from a front office point of view. There have been plenty of rumors that the two sides have’t been getting along for quite sometime. The question remains, why sign him just to trade him which is exactly what their GM Dave Gettleman said on January 2. Then he traded him less 10 weeks after making that statement…what?!?! Whatever the plan is, the Giants can expect their very passionate fan base to express their very loud feelings about this trade.

Junior Browne