Opening Betting Odds to win Super Bowl 54

We’re all still getting over the Patriots winning a sixth title with Tom Brady, so in the meantime, how about we look to next year, at the teams with the best odds to claim the throne.

1) Chiefs (6/1)

They were a coin toss away from beating the Patriots in overtime, but they just didn’t get the bounce they were hoping for. Their defense was horrendous all season long, and yet they finished as the third team in the league. That is saying a lot about just how ridiculous Patrick Mahomes is and how amazing this offense is able to run.

They’ll spend the offseason dedicated to improving their defense and getting players healthy. Once that happens and they bring everybody else back, all will go well next year.

2) Rams (8/1)

Tied with the Patriots and the Saints for the second-best odds, the runner-up from Super Bowl LIII is hoping for more next season. They only scored three points in the Super Bowl, and it was clear that they were outplayed by the Patriots when the game was on the line. Todd Gurley mysteriously disappeared during the postseason, but when the regular season starts back up again, he should be back to normal and getting plenty of carries.

The defense played well in the big dance, so once they finalize all their contracts and get Cooper Kupp back, watch out for LA!

3) Patriots (8/1)

At the same odds as the team they just defeated, here they are again. The Patriots are going for another repeat after winning Super Bowl 53. The game was not pretty at all, but we saw how effective the run game was able to be, specifically their rookie Sony Michel. Tom Brady was slinging passes all over the field, and Julian Edelman was catching every single pass like he was David Tyree.

Their star players all came to play, and well it led them to their second title in three years. It takes an NFC East QB (Foles & Eli Manning) to knock them off…. So will anybody ever knock them off outside the division? Time will tell.

4) Saints (8/1)

Many people believe they should have beaten the Rams, and the missed-PI call was the only reason for them getting to the Super Bowl. It goes well beyond that, and what happened, just happened. Drew Brees had a very impressive season, with the running backs and top receivers making plays all season. They had some key injuries throughout the year and definitely missed Sheldon Rankins.

Having just finished their 13-win season, they are hoping for another chance with Brees. If he only wins one title there, it would be disappointing.

Ryan has been writing about sports betting for over a decade now, residing in sunny Orlando, Florida. He played 4 years of college basketball which gave him a true understanding of how athletes think and operate. Knup has become a true student of “investing” in sports and has spent endless hours studying odds, line moves, trends, stats and teams to become a true expert in sports betting.