Pats and Packers Lose in Great Sunday of NFL Action

Patriots and Packers both lose and a fantastic Sunday of NFL action. We get into the top teams going down and a whole lot more.

Patriots Lose For the First Time

The New England Patriots have played one of the softest schedules to start the season. This Sunday of NFL action saw them finally face a team that will be in the playoffs. Although the Patriots had dominated all of their opponents up until that point, there were still questions as to what would happen when they came up against better competition.

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens provided an emphatic answer with 37-20 home win over the defending Super Bowl champions. The Ravens are on pace the break the single season record for team rushing yards and they did not slow down one bit against New England. The Patriots had looked susceptible to the run at times this season and that proved to be the case against the Ravens.

Lamar Jackson Is Proving the Doubters Wrong

Looking back on this Sunday of NFL action, some will point to the fact that Lamar Jackson only had 163 passing yards but the most important part is the win. He also helped himself to 3 touchdowns (1 passing and 2 rushing) while leading his team to another win. He hasn’t always looked good while doing it, but he gets the job done. Jackson is showing all of the doubters that he can lead a team.

Obviously until he does it in the playoffs, that doubt won’t go away completely. After all, the way he looked against the Chargers in that playoff game last season is hard to forget. The made him look ordinary even though it should be argued that he is a much better player with a lot more experience than he was at that time.

Green Bay Packers Look Very Ordinary Against Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers were having a very disappointing season by their standards. They expected to be playoff contenders but instead find themselves with losing record halfway through the season. The Green Bay Packers, who seemed like they were playing a home game in California with the amount of away fans they had in the stadium, played by far their worst game of the season.

It’s hard to remember a game where Aaron Rodgers looked so ineffective. It’s hard to place the blame solely on him. He didn’t have much help and it was one of the most uninspired performances you’re likely to see this season. Credit must be given to the Chargers who played a fantastic game. They shut down everything that the Packers tried to do and it has to be said that their defensive line was dominant in this Sunday of NFL Action.

Rest of the Notable Games

The Cleveland Browns season went from bad to worse as they lost the Denver Broncos who were playing with their third string QB. There is much left to say other than this team is not making the playoffs and they also might be in search of a new head coach the way things are looking for them after this Sunday of NFL action.

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