Portland vs GSW Game 4 Preview – Is It Over for the Blazers?

GSW rejoice at victory
  • Trail Blazes lead early in Game 3
  • GSW seal another game in their favor
  • Game 4 will decide Portland’s series fate

Coming victorious out of three games versus the Portland Trail Blazers, the Golden State Warriors are one win away from sealing the Conference Finals against Portland

Trail Blazers vs GSW: Game 4 – A Possible Conclusion

No matter what they try, the Portland Trail Blazers have so far fallen terribly short of winning against the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors lead in 3 games so far, managing to crush the Blazers by a decisive advantage in each game. Game 3 ended with 110-99 going in the way of the GSW, yet another dispiriting loss for Portland.

Having lost Kevin Durant in the semi-finals, the Warriors continued their dominance, with the help of Stephen Curry who has stepped up his game significantly since Durant left. The team has had a very strong showing in the Western Conference Finals so far, routing the Trail Blazers completely.

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Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers – Game 4 Betting Odds
Team Spread Moneyline Total
GSW -4.0 (-110) -170 O 219.5 ( -110)
Portland Trail Blazers +4.0 (-110) +150 U 219.5 ( -110)

With 36 points in Game 3, Curry soared to a game-high. The Warriors also had another important game maker in the face of Draymond Green who turned himself out to be a well-rounded player contributing a whole lot for his team’s victory as well, securing 20 points, 13 rebounds, and 12 assists overall.

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Green stood tall in the game versus Portland, having excelled in defense and offense all throughout the the match. He was also instrumental in crushing a 17-point advantage that Portland had stolen away in the first half of Game 3

Trail Blazers Fumble the Initiative

Once again, the Blazers started strong in Game 3, dominating the first half and building up to a 17-point advantage that nobody thought they would be able to overcome. Portland even managed to secure another point to put themselves 18 points ahead of the Warriors, but their edge quickly started to diminish under the push coming from the GSW.

The Trail Blazers didn’t play their old defensive style and chose to be on the offensive once again, which paid off. Meyers Leonard entered the game from the start, giving the Blazers a good foothold early on.

The moved paid off and benching Enes Kanter at the beginning bought the Blazers 13 quick points. Despite the initial momentum, the Blazers had once again found themselves incapable of outplaying the Warriors who continued to dominate in terms of control and defense.

  • Date:Monday, May 20
  • Time: 9 PM ET
  • Location: Moda Center, Portland, Oregon
  • Watch on: ESPN, TNT

It was the Warriors’ defense that prevented the Blazers from completely dismantling them in Game 3 and crushing their advantage. With a comfortable 3-game lead, the Warriors are close to sealing the series and meeting what would most likely be the Milwaukee Bucks in June.

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