Raptors vs Bucks- Game 3 to Decide Toronto’s Fate

Raptors vs Bucks
  • The Bucks lead on the Raptors with two games
  • Toronto needs to be more assertive
  • Milwaukee are the sportsbooks favorite

The Milwaukee Bucks have taken a considerable lead in the Eastern Conference series against the Toronto Raptors, pulling two games ahead Here is our Game 3 breakdown.

Game 3: Bucks vs Raptors – The Story So Far

The Milwaukee Bucks have played two games in the Eastern Conference already, dominating the Toronto Raptors on both occasions. While Game 1 gave Toronto a fighting chance, the 22-point advantage achieved by the Bucks in Game 2 was most crushing.

Giannis Antetokounmpo stood out with 30 points and 17 rebounds, adding five assists to his name in what appeared to be a cake of a game for the Bucks. Ersan Ilyasova added another 17 points for his team in a quarter, making for one of the quickest releasing players in the game.

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Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors– Game 3 Betting Odds
Team Spread Moneyline Total
Bucks +2.5 (-110) +110 O 220 ( -110)
Raptors -2.5 (-110) -130 U 220 ( -110)

Raptors vs Bucks Odds

Despite the better efforts of Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors didn’t quite find themselves in Game 2. Leonard outpaced Antetokounmpo in terms of total score, adding 31 points to his name – definitely not a bad score for a player from the losing side.

Where Did the Raptors Go Wrong?

The Raptors just had a slower pace of play, fumbling the initiative an letting the Bucks have a field day. Raptors’ Kyle Lowry also added 15 points to the game’s total, which was not so far behind Ilyasova. Fairly evenly matched, the Bucks seemed to lead the way and pull ahead of Toronto every time, with a considerable advantage.

Pascal Siakam was also lacking in Game 2 with the Raptors relying on him on both ends of the court. Siakam will have to come back to his Game 1 performance if Toronto is to have any chance of sealing Game 3 in their favor.

The end score wasn’t just because of deficits in Toronto’s game. The Bucks played superb defence and they made sure every attack mattered. With slim odds of success, Toronto have a tough task ahead of them tonight.

Toronto Has Its Talents

Meyers Leonard did prove to be a valuable first-half addition in the game. He managed to score 16 points himself fresh off the bench. With so much talent though, one question continues to pester fans – why did Toronto lose so badly?

The simplest explanation is that the team took a while to organize and when they finally peaked, the score was already at a very discomforting lead for the Bucks. No team would have been able to come back from that. The Raptors will have to pull themselves together and make sure they secure a victory.

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