Pulev Fined and License Suspended until July 22 at Least

Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev’s stole away a kiss that is costing him quite a bit. The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has upheld his ban to fight with a new session scheduled for July 22.

Kubrat Pulev Fined and New Hearing Scheduled

Bulgarian heavyweight contender Kubat Pulev has been fined $2,500 and his license has been suspended by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC).

The boxer won’t compete until September 23. However, the suspension is not final and Pulev will appear in front of the Commission once again on July 22. CSAC will review its the decision one more time.

Pulev has been ordered to enroll in a sexual-harassment course and complete it by the time of his next appearance in front of CSAC. Should Pulev fail to fulfill the conditions set out by the Commission, he will be facing a 12-month suspension from boxing.

This is upsetting for Pulev as he has been eyeing North America for a while with his team focusing on fights across the US. With a newly-introduced ban, though, this would be impossible.

Pulev got himself in trouble after he won a fight versus Bogdan Dinu on March 23. The fight was followed by an interview with Jenny Ravalo better known for her ALIAS “Jenny SuShe”. He kissed SuShe during thepost-fight interview and walked away.

The same night, Ravalo attended the after-party in which she was caught dancing in the lap of a member of Pulev’s team.

Ravalo brought up a sexual-harassment case against the boxer on March 29.

She hired famous women’s rights activist and lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her. Pulev’s license was superseded on March 26 under violation of California Code of Regulations, title 4, section 390.

Pulev Acknowledges His Mistake

Speaking at a Commission hearing on May 14, Pulev acknowledged that he had been wrong to act the way he had:

“I was wrong,” Pulev said at his Commission hearing. My actions were wrong not only because they were caught on tape, but also because they set a bad example of how an athlete should behave,” he added.

Ravalo also spoke at the hearing, explaining that Pulev had defamed her by spreading false rumors. The boxer responded that “he had not seen her until the day of the hearing and had wanted to apologize in public and personally.”

The Commission didn’t take fondly to Pulev’s team releasing the after-party video after Pulev was already suspended. CSAC chose to criticize a pattern of lack of professionalism. CSAC cited both the night of the fight and the days after.

CSAC was even sceptical to Pulev’s reaction to re-watching the video at the time of the hearing. With his suspension still in place, Pulev must avoid any accusation of the same nature in future or he might risk a life ban.