Purdue Listed at +3300 for March Madness after Spartans Game

  • Purdue still a long shot for the 2020 March Madness title
  • Odds improve significantly since victory against State Spartans
  • Purdue need to improve their Away games and defeat Illinois

The Purdue Boilermakers reaffirmed on Sunday what we already knew – the team has proven almost unbeatable on home turf. Can they put this same skill in their Away games?

Purdue Climbs Up in March Madness Odds after Spartans Game

The Purdue Boilermakers clashed with the Michigan State Spartans on Sunday, January 12 taking the current leader in the Big Ten division by surprise. The Boilers sealed a 71-42 game in front of the home crowd, wowing the audience at Mackey Arena in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Question is, with 10-7 in the overall standing, how close are the Boilers to cutting in the high echelons of the 2020 March madness Championship? According to sportsbooks, they still stand a decent chance with their odds progressing to (+3300) after Sunday’s game.

2020 March Madness Championship Odds

Duke +900
Gonzaga +1000
Kansas +1000
Louisville +1000
Michigan State +1200
Baylor +1400
Kentucky +1400
Ohio State +1400
Maryland +1600
Oregon +1600
Arizona +2000
n/a n/a
Purdue +3300

*Odds taken on January 16, 2020. For regular updates of the upcoming March Madness contest, refer to our dedicated page.

Strong Few Games for the Boilermakers

Not listed as the top seed, nor given the best odds to win the March Madness, Purdue have had a great few games. They have toppled both the Spartans and outplayed Virginia, another higher-placing team back in December, 2019.

Purdue did lose to Michigan State (+1200) on Friday, January 10, but the game was a close chase, with Michigan pulling ahead with mere 6 points in the final score.

Looking at their past ten games, the biggest defeat the Boilermakers suffered was against Illinois when the team was creamed 63-37 in their second year for the year. Interestingly, Illinois presently have longer odds for March Madness at (+5000).

The Home Advantage a Big Help

Purdue are still down on their luck in the Big Ten standing, sporting 6th spot, but that’s no reason for concern, because the team has gone almost undefeated at home. They have won eight out of nine home games, dominating some of the biggest and meanest names in the conference.

Yet, the real challenge is still ahead of the team. The Lafayette’s stompers will have to take whatever it is makes them an unstoppable force at home and translate it into game-sealing punchline when they are visiting other teams. Purdue has a number of games lined up by the end of the month, including:

  • Maryland – January 18
  • Illinois – January 22
  • Wisconsin – January 25
  • Rutgers – January 29

Can They Win March Madness?

Purdue Boilermakers are still so far out of the top contenders that their odds for the title in March Madness are understandably quite long. There are almost 20 teams between them and the No. 1 seed, at least according to the sportsbooks.

Historically, Matt Painter’s team has done a fantastic job throughout the years, helping the team reach NCAA Third Round, NCAA Sweet Sixteen and the NCAA Elite Eight most recently in the 2018-2019 season.

Yet, coach Painter’s Purdue Boilermakers will have to play a little better a little sooner to lay a true claim on the title this year.

Image credit: Purdue Men’s Basketball Twitter