Ryan Knuppel  |  Sat 3rd Nov   | NFL

You would think that in a game featuring a 1-6 team versus a 1-7 team, it would be sloppy on both sides, and close, right? WRONG. Last night, we saw (forget injuries) just how poor the Raiders are as a team this season, and how San Francisco took full advantage of that from the opening moments. And, they did this with a QB who had never taken an NFL snap before last night, who did not even know until hours after he woke up that morning that he would be starting.

Unsung Hero

That’s right, this night was all about former Southern Miss QB Nick Mullens, who spent 2017 on the 49ers practice squad. In his first ever start, he looked about as good as you can. He finished the day 16 of 22 with 262 yards and three touchdowns, and a 151.9 QBR. He was finding open receivers throughout the game, and he went through the game living a quarterback’s best dream. He did not get sacked even one time. The Raiders have had the worst pass rush in the league this year, and nothing has changed.

49ers Run Down Raiders Throat

San Francisco’s run-game looked to be very dynamic as well, led by Raheem Mostert with 7 rushes for 86 yards and a TD/  Unfortunately he would leave the game with a broken arm, and we wish him all the best in his recovery. Matt Breida picked up 44 yards on 12 rushing attempts as well, as the team moved the ball well. They got 13 yards on 7 attempts from Alfred Morris.

It was the pass-rush of San Francisco that really impressed though, sacking Derek Carr 7 times, and AJ McCarron an additional one. They were applying pressure from the opening second, and there were hardly any holes with the team. And though the team entered the game 1-7, we saw how dynamic they are able to be after the effort we saw from them last night.

Raiders are Terrible

Now, we get to Oakland. Poor Derek Carr, as we just mentioned, hit the ground with the ball in his hand seven times. He just has no chance to get the ball out with the O-Line not protecting him. They lack a consistent run game with Marshawn now out, and after trading Amari Cooper, they only got thinner at receiver. As we saw in Gridiron Heights, Jon Gruden really is stuck in 2002, and it is not boding well.

The team has seven sacks in eight games since moving on from Khalil Mack, a sign that they made the wrong move as far as this season goes. They seem to really need a roster makeover, and they are going to have to hit on all three first-round picks next year. It’s vital for them to be able to do so.

Other than the one game they won against the Browns, things have not gone well for Cleveland. We’ll see how they play moving forward, but 1-15 is possible.

Ryan Knuppel