Riley Reid Backs Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib: Betting Odds & Predictions

  • Jake Paul and AnEsonGib to face off on January 30 in Miami
  • Adult movies actresses Riley Reid backs Paul outright
  • This is going to be both YouTuber’s first official match in professional boxing

Enjoying broad support, Jake Paul is now the favorite to defeat fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib in their fight on January 30 in Miami. Here is an overview of the fight, the most up-to-date betting odds and predictions.

Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib Betting Odds

FighterBetOnline MLBovada ML
Jake Paul-145-165

Jake Paul and AnEsonGib Fight Preview

YouTube celebrities are increasingly squaring up in the ring to boost their tough guy act and keep profiteering from their names turned brands. The latest pair to face off in a professional boxing debut fight are Jake Paul and AnEsonGib, both familiar names on the Google-owned streaming platform.  

Taking place on January 30 at 10 PM ET at the Meridian Island Gardens in Miami, Florida, the fight will be just one of the fights to look forward to in two weeks’ time, as there are other professional main card and title bouts lined up. Here is a quick look at the betting odds.


  • January 30, 2020
  • 10 PM ET


  • Meridian Island Gardens
  • Miami, Florida

Jake Paul Debuting into Professional Boxing

Both fighters are looking at their debut in professional boxing and as to the organization of the event, it all seems familiar. The first YouTubers to really turn their beef physical were KSI and Logan Paul II, and they have been largely successful – at least in terms of attracting viewership, followers, and monetary return.

Now, Jake Paul is coming into this inaugural fight fully prepared, or so rumors would suggest. It has been reported that Paul is putting in the hours at Big Bear and training alongside Sugar Shane, a former world champion who has won multiple heavyweight titles, including the WBA, WBC, and IBF.

For his part, Gib has been glib. The trash talk has been rolling off his tongue and beamed out to his 2.07 million followers, an amount that easily boggles the mind, but still comes pitifully short of Paul’s 15 million pair of oddballs who may be watching at any one time. And for all his Gib’s smart talk, there is no telling what would happen.

One of the highlights in the run-up to the fight has been the pitch by Riley Reid, an adult film actress, who said that Paul is going to beat Gib’s without an issue, although she did phrase it a little more explicitly.

Weighing the Fighters

The truth is, there isn’t much information about them right now – in terms of careers and experience fighting professionally that is. As non-professional fighters they don’t have a well-documented profile. What’s more, the two of them have been enjoying a celebrity status and hardly a professional fighting life.

Most fighters who go into boxing and the MMA have been fighting their entire life, trained from a young age. Whether it is Jake Paul, Gib or Logan, these men have got into fighting as a way to settle scores – and far more likely, continue to develop their online brand.

Even training side-by-side with Sugar Shane might not be enough to pick up years of practice, although having access to state-of-the-art facilities definitely helps. Yet, with over 22 million combined fans, Paul vs Gib is definitely a fight to watch