Roc Nation and NFL Announce Partnership

The NFL has partnered up with Roc Nation to “enhance live game experiences and amplify the league’s social justice efforts.”

Roc Nation Owner Jay Z Switches Tunes

Roc Nation owner Jay Z will help produce the Super Bowl. Last he year he famously rapped on one of his songs that he didn’t need the Super Bowl, they need him. It turns out he was absolutely right. The partnership between Roc Nation and the NFL is more than just about that one event. It’s a partnership that will see the league look to improve the entertainment experience for their fans.

Jay Z whose real name is Shawn Carter commented:

“Roc Nation has shown that entertainment and enacting change are not mutually exclusive ideas…”- Shawn “Jay Z” Carter

Colin Kaepernick Was a Main Topic of Discussion

Although he wasn’t present, Colin Kaepernick’s name kept coming up while Jay Z and Roger Godell answered questions from the media. Many wondered how could Carter partner up with the NFL while Kaepernick was still being frozen out by the league. Both men knew when they decided to make this official that they would face criticism.

Many of Jay Z’s fans took to social media to voice their displeasure:

Considering the magnitude of a partnership with the NFL, it is hardly surprising that Jay Z would be reluctant to pass on such a big opportunity. With the influence that Jay Z holds in the African American community, he should be able to help the league deal with many of the issues that have come up in the racially charged climate the country finds itself in.

Roc Nation Will Be Involved in More than Music

One of the things that Roc Nation will be helping the NFL with is their Inspire Change initiative for social justice. The importance of having a face related to an endeavor like that is obviously important. As an artist, Jay Z has had a career that spans three decades. Players all across the league will respect what he has to say and might even be more open to participate.

Remember Jay Z’s company has many current NFL players under contract so it’s not as if they are entering foreign territory. As for the fans, although many aren’t happy, in the end if Jay Z and Roc Nation can inspire the league to be more sensitive to issues that involve race, the NFL will be better for it. Not to mention the huge win that would be for Jay Z and Roc Nation.

Jay Z Was Already Working with Robert Kraft

Roger Godell was introduced to Shawn Carter by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Carter co-founded REFORM Alliance, a non profit criminal justice advocacy group. Robert Kraft sits on the board and thought it would be a good idea that they exchange ideas.

What that tells you is that Shawn Carter, Jay Z, whatever you want to call him and his Roc Nation brand are more than up to the challenge. The other thing is that in the court of public opinion, Roger Godell is one of the most unpopular figures in all of sports. He needed a representative in this venture and in Roc Nation, he has found the perfect partner.

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