Saragota July 16 Odds: Peter Pan Stakes & Schuylerville Stakes

  • The Saragota will host the Schuylerville Stakes and Peter Pan Stakes on July 16
  • Both events feature at least two promising horses who will vie for a victory
  • Beautiful Memories and Modernist tipped to win in their respective races

The Saragota July 16 races will be held without live crowd, which is at least half of the pleasure anyone going to bet or see the ponies wants.

With the novel coronavirus outbreak significantly limiting the opportunities to watch live horse racing, the Saragota has decided to continue hosting events and as a result, both the Peter Pan Stakes and Schuylerville Stakes will return on Thursday, July 16.  

The events will feature a fairly small number of contestants. Both events, though, seem to have worthy participants who will keep horse betting fans on their toes. Let’s take a look at each race individually and see what odds are available.

2020 Schuylerville Stakes Odds

Beautiful Memories+120
Hopeful Princess+200
Queen Arella+600
Make Mischief+1200
Sunny Isle Beach+1500
Quinoa Tifah+1500
*Odds taken July 15

The Schuylerville Stakes is the traditional opening event at Saratoga and it’s an opportunity for people in attendance to get together, exchange friendly banter and watch the race. With the current lockdown, however, jockeys will have to do their best without the cheers of the crowds.

The field is a promising one with Beautiful Memories in the lead with (+120) trailed closely by Hopeful Princess (+200). Since this is a more local event, you may not be immediately familiar with the tipped favorites, but there is a good reason for the bookies to promote them to the very top.

Beautiful Memories debuted in May at Churchill Downs and she has done beautifully since then, living up to expectations. She will be facing off competition from Hopeful Princess who seems just as prepared to make a claim on the event. Both horses earned 75 Beyer Speed Figures when they debuted, a clear signal that they are champions in the making.

Now, both horses are promising, but betting on either one would be a bit of a coin toss. Young horses can throw a tantrum at any time, but we feel Hopeful Princess has a very good chance of securing a victory over Beautiful Memories, not least because the odds are much better in terms of pure return.

2020 Peter Pan Stakes Odds

Mystic Guide+275
Candy Tycoon+600
Country Grammer+600
Celtic Striker+2500
Mo Hawk+3300
*Odds taken July 15

The next race for Saragota tomorrow is another two-horse event, more or less. Modernist and Mystic Guide are priced differently across the different odds, although BetOnline is inclined to give Modernist a slight advantage here.

The good news is that both horses offer great value for your money. Modernist (+200) has had a few successful finishes and shown consistency. The horse placed third in the Louisiana Derby in March and before that in February, the Risen Star Stakes proved that Modernist could even contend with the big names in the Kentucky Derby.

True, Modernist has only won once so far, and placed 2nd in the Tap It To Win. Yet, the horse is always running in the lead, and quite determined to deliver. Meanwhile, the only contender so far, Mystic Guide (+275), has shown consistent signs of improvement and it may give Modernist a good run for its money in the upcoming race tomorrow.

We would still stick with Modernist as our bet, though.

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