Sekta Cup Table Tennis Odds & Picks for April 24

Yesterday, Viktor Ivanov (-425) almost beat Rodion Kapinus with the sets going 8-11, 14-12, 11-13, 12-10, and finally 13-11 for Kapinus. At (-425), we were pretty sure Kapinus was the right bet, with (+115) at the time. Most bookies, however, gave Ivanov quite the momentum, which turned out incorrect in the end. Today we take a look at the Sekta Cup table tennis odds and picks for April 24 you can still bet on.

We will focus on the games that start at 12:00 p.m. ET onwards to give you enough time to make up your mind. Similarly, we will also recommend you three unique betting opportunities.

Now, Sekta Cup is a little different than Moscow Liga Pro, but it involves some of the same players.

Sekta Cup Odds Games after 12:00 p.m. ET April 24

Varlamov, Oleg+155Kerusenko, Yaroslav-195
Kyilo, Vitalii+120Ivchenko, Kirill-150
Efimenko, Ivan-133Nazarov, Anatoliy+103
Voronin, Mikhail+102Polusmyak, Valentin-132
Varlamov, Oleg+172Mischenko, Vladyslav-212
Ivchenko, Kirill-112Peretyatko, Andrey-118
Nazarov, Anatoliy+236Kerusenko, Yaroslav-296
Ivchenko, Denys-194Polusmyak, Valentin+154
Efimenko, Ivan-144Varlamov, Oleg+114
Voronin, Mikhail-201Kyilo, Vitalii+161
Mischenko, Vladyslav+181Kerusenko, Yaroslav-221
Polusmyak, Valentin+137Peretyatko, Andrey-167
Voronin, Mikhail-143Ivchenko, Kirill+113
Kyilo, Vitalii+728Ivchenko, Denys-1028
*Odds taken April 24

The 2020 Sekta Cup covers quite the extensive variety of players and matches. Head-to-head, it’s difficult to sort out which players are worth following unless you have a modicum of insight into the competition.

Another point of confusion to most bettors is the similarities in names between players in Moscow Liga Pro and Sekta Cup. Yet, don’t worry, because we are here to give you some pointers.

Top 3 Bets to Place on Sekta Cup Today

Because the dynamic of table tennis, players often clock solid mileage and one loss here or one win there doesn’t really make that much of a difference. It’s the consistency over the weeks that tells you which bets stand out as viable picks. Here are five immediate matches you might want to bet on.

1. Mikhail Voronin (+102) vs Valentin Polusmyak (-132)

The margin here is very small, not perhaps enough to justify the bet, but we feel fairly certain Polusmyak will do well and seal antoher impeccable victory.

Now, last time the players came head-to-head, Polusmyak defeated Voronin in three consecutive sets on April 19. This trend is very likely to stay the same. You would need to make a fairly big investment here to get something back, but this seems a justified choice given the circumstances.

2. Kirill Ivchenko (-112) vs Andrey Peretyatko (-118)

This one is a bit of an interesting match-up. Both Peretyatko and Ivchenko seem to be evenly matched. If pressed, we would say to back Peretyatko for this one. If you don’t necessarily want to bet, then we recommend that you focus on Andrey Peretyatko’s performance and see if he would later measure up to Valentin Polusmyak, whom we are betting on.

3. Valentin Polusmyak (+137) vs Andrey Peretyatko

This one could go either way as it’s after Polusmyak’s games versus Voronin and Denys Ivchenko (-194). In both the game versus Ivchenko and Andrey Peretyatko (-167), Polusmyak seems to be listed as a heavy underdog, and not very likely to crack a victory.

Our advice remains the same – watch him play versus Voronin and Ivchenko.

Or, in the very least, you would probably want to have a quick look-see at the match results. You might even want to bet against Ivchenko and see if you can lend a fair profit margin on the dollar there.

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