Simmons Ejected From Sixers’ Practice, Philly’s Odds Slowly Melting

  • The Philadelphia 76ers suspended Ben Simmons after today’s incident during practice.
  • He will miss the opener against the New Orleans Pelicans.
  • Meanwhile, Joel Embiid stated that he isn’t a “babysitter” for anyone, referring to Simmons.

The Ben Simmons situation isn’t going to be finished anytime soon. The former top pick was suspended after causing problems at today’s training session.

Simmons and the 76ers – No Love

After some of the media reported that Ben Simmons carried his phone while shooting during the practice, some fans were sure that the Aussie wasn’t going to stay in Philly for too long. After today’s development, we are pretty much sure that they were right.

The franchise from Wells Fargo Arena decided to suspend their star for the opening match against the New Orleans Pelicans. The head coach, Doc Rivers, sent Simmons to the locker room after he declined to replace his teammates during drills.

Simmons didn’t play a single of the 76ers’ preseason matches, which cost him $1.4 million, plus skipped numerous other mandatory activities connected with the team.

Embiid Deepens the Rift

After everything that happened, Joel Embiid had made some comments that aren’t helpful in the current situation. The Process said that he isn’t here to “babysit” anyone, which was the answer to commenting on Simmons’s incident.

This isn’t the first time that Embiid politely takes a shot at Simmons, as he already fired several “hidden” stings in his direction.

“At this point I don’t care about that man,” Embiid also added today, claiming that he only focuses on the upcoming season and the match against the Pelicans.

It will be interesting to see what happens next between the 76ers two biggest stars.

On the other side, coach Rivers was trying to erase the tension, diminishing the significance of this unpleasant episode. Rivers also hopes to see Simmons back in the team and fully committed. Currently, this will be very hard for him to fulfill because it seems that Simmons isn’t willing to stay in Philadelphia, no matter the cost and the consequences.

Odds on Philly Going Down

Before the season started, the 76ers were one of the potential contenders for the NBA trophy. Truth to be told, they weren’t among the top three teams but were very close with the odds at +1400. Now, the 76ers are +2000, which is a significant drop.

The “Simmons thing” started to take its toll, and the bookmakers don’t believe that the Sixers are able to be the new NBA champions. Six teams are in front of them, the Nets, Bucks, Warriors, Jazz, Suns, and the Clippers. We need to add that the Nuggets have the same odds as Philly.

When looking at their odds to win the East, the 76ers (+900) are third behind the Nets +120, the Bucks +390. Rivers’ unit was +700 a month ago.

They will be coming in as the favorites in the matchup against the Pelicans in New Orleans. Philly’s victory is at -165, while the hosts sit at +140.

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