Soccer: Shocking Scenes as Manchester United Fans Storm Old Trafford in Protest Against US Ownership

  • Thousand of fans storm Old Trafford in protest against the Glazer family.
  • Sunday’s Premier League match against Liverpool postponed.
  • Concerns over when match could be rescheduled.

Manchester United was set to play arch-rivals Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon.

However, the mouth-watering all-English tie has been postponed following a large protest breaking out in the lead-up to the game.

Sunday’s protests were planned well ahead of time following a coordinated effort between fans to rally together before the Liverpool game and unite against the club’s billionaire owners – the Glazer family.


How it Unfolded

Sunday’s Premier League kick-off was scheduled for 12.30pm (ET), however, as fans arrived at Old Trafford just before 10am (ET), it became increasingly more apparent the intention was to delay kick-off.

With thousands of fans surrounding the front of the club’s stadium, green and yellow flares, a reference to the club’s original roots, could be seen everywhere.

However, despite what started as a peaceful protest on the stadium’s forecourt – the scenes quickly took a worrying turn.

Fans were soon spotted marching past barriers and security officials as they made their way through the stadium’s turnstiles.

Hundreds of fans then stormed the Old Trafford pitch, clambering over seating, advertising boards, and television equipment along the way.

Although eventually redirected off the pitch and out of the stadium, the aftermath was clear for all to see.

Not only did Old Trafford’s pitch come under fire from fans – so did the team’s hotel, The Lowry.

With both Liverpool and Manchester United’s first-team and staff camped just a few miles away in The Lowry, fans had also taken to protesting outside of the hotel’s doors.

Police were quickly called to both locations to drive supporters away.

Despite the efforts of the local authorities, the Premier League have now confirmed that Sunday’s Premier League match has been postponed.

Fans are still waiting to learn when they game may be rescheduled for.

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