Spanish Soccer Returns in June with Games Every Evening

  • Spanish soccer returns on June 12, the latest reports suggest
  • When back, La Liga will see matches being played every evening
  • Barcelona and Real Madrid to re-start the title race

Soccer has made its comeback in Europe on Saturday when German Bundesliga went back to business. A few days earlier, Italian Serie A confirmed its return date is June 13. The latest news from the soccer universe is that Spanish soccer is also coming back soon.

According to the latest reports, the top Spanish soccer league returns on June 12, with matches to be played every single day of the week. The players are back in group training starting tomorrow.

New Format for Spanish Soccer

Spanish La Liga should return in mid-June so that the season could finish by the end of July. This way, some teams will be able to continue their continental journey. The Champions League, or instance, should resume in August and there are four Spanish soccer teams that are still in the game.

Those are, namely Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia, and Atletico Madrid, the team that eliminated the last year’s champion Liverpool.

Because time is of the essence in the post-coronavirus sports, La Liga teams will have to play a game every 72 hours. What this practically means is that we are going to see games every single day starting July 12.

“Every single day” might not be proper wording as most of the games are going to be played at night. The thing is that summers get really hot in Spain especially in the south of the country. In Granada and Sevilla, for instance, the average high during summer months is about 95°F (35°C).

This is the reason why some La Liga matches might have a start time set at 11 p.m. local time. For Spanish soccer fans, that’s far from ideal, especially for those who have to get up early in the morning to get to work.

For sports fans, across the ocean, however, the new schedule provides an opportunity to watch live matches after work – 11 p. m. in Spain is 5 p. m. in the Eastern Time Zone.

La Liga Champion Odds

No major online sportsbook is offering outright odds for La Liga champion at the moment. However, we managed to dig out the betting odds from March, from the time just before Spanish soccer got suspended due to COVID-19+ pandemic.

  • FC Barcelona -150
  • Real Madrid +120
  • Atletico Madrid +20,000
  • Sevilla +20,000

When released, the odds will probably be similar to these if not exactly the same. The reason is simple – Real Madrid and Barcelona remain the two biggest favorites for the title. After 27 rounds, the point difference is only 2 in favor of Barcelona.

All the other teams are trailing behind significantly, although there’s still a possibility for one of them to win the trophy. However, that’s only in theory. Common sense says the Barca and Real are going to lead the title race.

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