Betting Odds to Win the 2020 NFL Super Bowl (Updated for 2020)

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We have put together a list of odds gleaned from BetOnline, Bovada and MyBookie, depending on your own sportsbook, the numbers may vary. Nevertheless, the Super Bowl odds we have featured realistically reflect NFL franchises’ chances to land the title.

Bear in mind that these odds are subject to weekly changes, as the teams progress through the Wild Card Round, Divisional Round, and the Conference Championships.

With the regular season winding down, we look at the teams with the best Super Bowl odds. Here they are as of February 3rd, 2020:

Super Bowl 54 Winner Odds:


49ers13-3+0 (-115)+ (-105)+1.5 (-110)+1.5 (-110)
Chiefs12-4+0 (-115)-1 (-115)-1.5 (-110)-1.5 (-110)


49ers13-3-105+102+100 (even)+100 (even)


49ers13-3O. 46.5 (-115)O. 54 (-110)O. 54 (-110)O. 54.5 (-110)
Chiefs12-4U. 46.5 (-115)U. 54 (-110)U. 54 (-110)U. 54.5 (-110)

Odds updated February 3rd, 2020.

*Las Vegas sportsbook

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With the 2019/20 NFL regular season now over, we are entering the highly competitive January fray, a prequal to the Super Bowl and every bit as exciting to bet on.

All the seeds have been assigned, with the Baltimore Ravens pulling ahead of all other teams in the AFC, followed by the Kansas City Chiefs, who just managed to outperform New England Patriots during the season.

The NFC saw the San Francisco 49ers climb all the way to the top and the Green Bay Packers coming second. Today, we take a look at the odds to win the Super Bowl 54.

Team Favorites

Bar a few small adjustments in the odds, the top contenders for the title this year are fairly straightforward. The Ravens have pulled convincingly ahead of all other teams and seem poised to make it into the finals without breaking a sweat.

Yet, nearly all of the teams who have made it into the playoffs are capable of throwing an unexpected upset. Let’s take a look at their odds.

1) Baltimore Ravens (+200)

*Update: Defeated in Divisional Round

baltimore ravens

Oddsmakers believe the Baltimore Ravens will be the ones partying with the Lombardi trophy on Sunday, February 2, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. This team is riding into the playoffs after a 12-game winning streak in the regular season, finishing at the very top of the AFC table.

The Ravens are boosted by the form of their quarterback Lamar Jackson, who’s recently set an NFL record for rushing yards (1,206). Ravens’ QB is the man tipped to win the Most Valuable Player based on his performances in the regular season. With Jackson at his best, Ravens look unstoppable.

Their Super Bowl successes have been achieved over the past 20 years. In fact, the teams secured the title twice – once in 2000 and once in 2012, accounting for both Super Bowl appearances for the Ravens. The Ravens finished the regular season well with a convincing victory against the Steelers dismantling Pittsburg with 28-10 in the Ravens’ favor. Furthermore, the Ravens are currently awaiting in the NFL Divisional Round for an opponent to be decided for them out of the Wild Card Round.

2) San Francisco 49ers (Moneyline: +102/+100/+100)

san francisco 49ers

If there is a team that can stop Ravens on their road to the title, it’s San Francisco 49ers. After earning the no.1 seed in the playoffs, 49ers are planning to go far. They have every right to feel ambitious, with such a terrifying defense. When healthy, their defense looks unbreakable. Their offense is what some believe to be in need of improvement.

Some fear Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t do well under pressure, but the quarterback has had a pretty good season. With the help of the lethal trio of 49ers running-backs (Raheem Mostert, Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman), Garoppolo could achieve wonders.

Even though they’re given slimmer odds to win Super Bowl 54, their track record is rather impressive. They have 83.33%-win rate in the event, and have made six appearances throughout the years. The team was relatively quiet before 2000 and only managed to come back at the top in 2012, but ultimately lost to the Baltimore Ravens in a highly-contested 34-31 game that went the way of Baltimore in the end.

3) Kansas City Chiefs (Moneyline: -122/-120/-120)

kansas city chiefs

It’s been a while since the Kansas City Chiefs faced the roaring crowds in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs last appeared in a Super Bowl in 1969, which they won against the Vikings. Since then, they have been a regular sight in the playoffs. This time, however, they have got a leg-up, starting in the NFL Divisional Round and awaiting an opponent.

After a while, this team seems capable of winning trophies. Talent and coaching are the things that win Super Bowls and Kansas City Chiefs have both. Their coach Andy Reid has been in the club since 2013. He knows his players well and more importantly, he seems to hold the key to getting the most out of them.

4) New Orleans Saints (+550)

*Update: Defeated in Wild Card Round

new orleans saints

The New Orleans Saints have one sole appearance in the Super Bowl which was crowned an immediate success. In 2009, Sean Payton’s team outplayed the Indianapolis Colts in a 31-17 rout that went the way of the Saints. Under Payton, the team has been consistently delivering on decent performance along with an emphasis on introducing young talent to the play field.

Quarterback Drew Brees won the NFC Offensive Player of the Month for December, which definitely gives this team a lot of confidence ahead of the playoffs. Actually, the 40-year-old has been phenomenal during the entire regular season.

In 2019, he broke the NFL record for most career touchdown passes in history of the competition. The same year, he broke the record for most passing yards, collecting a total of 77,416. Of course, an NFL team is much more than just a fantastic quarterback. The good news for Saints fans is that there’s a lot of talent in their roster.

Dark Horses

Even though the sportsbooks would probably disagree, the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots are some of the most promising dark-horses of Super Bowl 54. It’s well worth keeping your betting options open when it comes to these two teams. They have a proven track record and a pedigree of highly skilled players who are yet to make history.

Green Bay Packers (+750/+600/+650):

*Update: Defeated in Championships

The Green Bay Packers pack a strong punch. Historically, the team has been successful at most of its Super Bowl games, with a track record of 4-1. Most recently in 2010, the Packers dominated Pittsburg with a convincing 31-25, that went the way of Packers as early as the first leg of the game with 10-0. Can the Packers climb to the top again? This depends on whether Aaron Rodgers’ players manage to pull their weight in the Divisional Group.

New England Patriots (+900/+1100):

*Update: Defeated in Wild Card Round

The Patriots are the best seasoned team out there. They have 11 total appearance in Super Bowls throughout the years, but far more impressively, the team was in 9 out of the past 20 events. While most teams go back years and usually owe part of their success to things that happened decades ago, the Patriots are in this particular leg of their development when they are writing history. This being said, their performance wasn’t bad this year with 12-4 in the NFL season, and we have a strong feeling the Patriots may be part of the Super Bowl. They are playing the Titans on Saturday for a chance to make their claim on the title.

While their odds don’t make this team the biggest contender for winning the trophy, but the same was the case last year when they won the Super Bowl LIII. No one can call their regular season a vintage one, but we’ve seen teams improving their form drastically as soon as the post season starts.  

The Long Shots

A few teams remain and the question is – can they really beat all expectations to bring us a successful wager? Calling such long shots is definitely a struggle. Most savvy bettors might want to stay away, but there are those who have discerned hope for these Wild Card teams still. Let’s have a quick breakdown:

Seattle Seahawks (+1400):

*Update: Defeated in Divisional Round

Who are the Seattle Seahawks and why should you pin your hopes on them? That’s a good question – the team has only made three appearances in the Super Bowl, but the good news is that happened recently – in 2005, 2013, and 2014. They won the 2013 Super Bowl and lost narrowly in 2014 to the Patriots. With 11-5 this season, the Seahawks definitely have room for improvement, but the team’s determination to be seen as a successful NFL franchise might just give it all it needs to push through to the grand finale.

Philadelphia Eagles (+3300/+3500):

*Update: Defeated in Wild Card Round

The Philadelphia Eagles are next on the list and they show promise. The team has made three appearances in the Super Bowl and it secured the 2017 title. Not bad at all, given their fairly modern lineage. With 9-7 in the regular season, however, some bettors might be on edge and think twice before backing them up.

Huston Texans (+2000):

*Update: Defeated in Divisional Round

Historically, the Houston Texans haven’t been able to establish themselves. With 0 appearances and a 10-6 track record this season, the team would definitely have to show super human strength to make it to the final. Yet, the Wild Card Round scramble will give us a better idea of what’s coming next.

Minnesota Vikings (+1400):

*Update: Defeated in Divisional Round

The Minnesota Vikings have made it to the Super Bowl on four occasions, but not since 1977. The team lost all four finals, which doesn’t bode well for this year’s performance. The Vikings could end up playing against the 49ers if they somehow manage to defeat the New Orleans Saints – a no easy task.

Tennessee Titans (+750/+650/+600):

*Update: Defeated in Championships

The Tennessee Titans have only made it all the way to the end once back in 1999. As part of the Wild Card round, chances are they will get scrambled a lot, and it’s hard to pinpoint their ability to make it into the next round. Truth be told, they thread the needle quite well and their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill won the AFC Offensive Player of the Month in December, 2019.

Buffalo Bills (+5000/+6000):

*Update: Defeated in Wild Card Round

The Buffalo Bills have had their moments for sure. Their performance this season leaves something to be desired, but at the same time, they might need more work done. Head coach Sean McDermott has been instrumental in helping the team find its foothold in the world of competitive football. The Bills have not had an appearance in the Super Bowl since 1993. Can Sean McDermott turn this around?

All odds on this page have been updated on February 3rd, 2020.

MyBookie Super Bowl Odds

For the stat nerds and diligent bettors (we know how you feel) looking to compare one extra sportsbook for good measure, here are full Super Bowl Betting odds listed as of February 3rd 2020 straight from MyBookie and Xbet:

  • San Francisco 49ers
    • Spread: +1.5(-110)
    • Moneyline: +100 (even)
    • Total: Ov. 54 (-110)
  • Kansas City Chiefs
    • Spread: -1.5 (-110)
    • Moneyline: -120
    • Total: Un. 54 (-110)

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