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Ryan Knuppel  |  Tue 18th Dec   | NFL

With the regular season winding down, we look at the teams with the best Super Bowl odds. Here they are as of December 18, 2018.

1) New Orleans Saints (+270)

They have won just one road playoff game in the Sean Payton era, while never losing at home. As the top seed in the NFC right now, they would be in line for all their games to be at the dome. With Drew Brees playing like he is and setting up his guys, and the re-vaunted Saints D getting after it, they are going to be very tough to stop. They are looking to repeat the success of 2009, ten years later.

2) Los Angeles Rams (+410)

With the second-best odds in the NFC, LA is going to have to improve a lot, still. They had a great regular season last year before losing to the Falcons in their first playoff game. They hope that this year is going to be different in the postseason, and maybe they can extend a bit farther. Their D has been atrocious overall, despite all of the big playmakers. They will need a whole lot from Jared Goff, who has been in a serious funk, to have a chance.

3) Kansas City Chiefs (+550)

Despite their recent loss to the Chargers, they still rank ahead of them in the odds race. Patrick Mahomes is having an MVP campaign, they are among the sack leaders in the NFL, and have a terrific system. Mahomes will likely have 50+ touchdown passes by the end of the season, and the return of Eric Berry should help rejuvenate the defense a little bit. There is a lot that a team would have to do to beat them.

4) New England Patriots (+700)

They have slipped to 9-5 and have not known how to win games away from home this year. They currently sit at #3 in the AFC standings, which means they only have one playoff game at Gillette, if the season were to end today. It hasn’t mattered where the games have been played in the past as they have gone to Super Bowl after Super Bowl, but asking them to win three games, and two on the road, is a tall task. They are so used to having the Bye Week to aid them. We could see a new AFC champ for the first time in a few years.

5) Los Angeles Chargers (+800)

Just behind KC and ahead of New England lie the LA Chargers. This is going to be their first playoff appearance since the move from San Diego, and they hope it won’t be as a wild-card team. Philip Rivers has been having an unbelievable season, and Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, and Keenan Allen should all get well soon. Hunter Henry (listen to this, Stephen A.) has come off the PUP, and now has 21 days to be fully cleared. Go, Chargers!

Full Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

The full Super Bowl Betting odds are listed as of Wednesday, December 19th and come from MyBookie:

  • Saints +270
  • Rams +410
  • Chiefs +550
  • Patriots +700
  • Bears +750
  • Chargers +800
  • Steelers +1800
  • Texans +2000
  • Ravens +2700
  • Cowboys +2700
  • Colts +3500
  • Eagles +3500
  • Seahawks +3500
  • Vikings +4500
  • Titans +5500
Ryan Knuppel