Super Bowl Will Be the First Time We See Male Cheerleaders

There are always plenty of storylines surrounding the Super Bowl each season, but one of the biggest news stories surrounding Super Bowl LIII is for something happening on the sidelines. Super Bowl 53 will feature a pair of male cheerleaders for the Los Angeles Rams, which is a first in Super Bowl history. Cheerleaders are often shown on the sidelines during the broadcast of games, and you better get ready to see the male cheerleaders shown more than once while watching the big game.

The two male cheerleaders for the Rams are Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies, and they already made NFL history this season when they became the first of three male cheerleaders to appear at a game. The other male cheerleader was Jesse Hernandez, who was a member of the New Orleans Saints cheerleading squad. Apparently having male cheerleaders was a key to success in the NFC, as the Saints and Rams squared off in the NFC Championship Game. Peron and Jinnies were able to cheer their team to an overtime victory over Hernandez and the Saints.

It might be strange for NFL fans at the Super Bowl to see a pair of male cheerleaders on the sideline, but you can bet that this won’t be the last time it happens. Peron, Jinnies, and Hernandez are pioneers in the male cheerleading world, and they will inspire the next generation of aspiring male cheerleaders. Making it to the Super Bowl in their first season took a lot of luck, but it will also open the eyes of people all over the world.

Other teams have had males that have been stuntmen on their cheer squads, but Peron and Jinnies are dancing along with their female counterparts throughout the game. The two men made the Rams cheerleading squad last March, and they have been training tirelessly for their big moment on the game’s biggest stage. The Rams squad performed at Super Bowl’s Opening Night on Monday, giving fans a taste of that is to come during the big game.

Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies have already shared their story on Good Morning America, but their fame and popularity will grow tremendously after strutting their stuff at the Super Bowl. Peron and Jinnies are paving the way for others to give it a try, but being a professional cheerleader isn’t for everyone. The two men are among the best cheerleaders in the league, and their strength and athleticism comes close to matching the talent on the football field.

It’s not easy for any rookie to be ready for the Super Bowl, and you can expect some nerves from both Peron and Jinnies. Thankfully, the dynamic duo will have 38 veteran and talented teammates that can carry them until they find their groove. There might even be some prop bets available surrounding the first male cheerleaders in NFL history, and the broadcast will undoubtedly show off their highlight reel from the regular season. All eyes will be on the action on the field, but during timeouts take some time to appreciate the winningest male cheerleaders in NFL history.

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