Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Odds & Picks for NFL Week 2 – 2020

The Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars both landed a victory in the NFL Week 1. The Jaguars creamed the Colts with a 27-20 in the final score on Sunday and the Titans managed to pull ahead of the Broncos in a highly contested 16-14 game yesterday.

While the Titans played rather hesitantly, they managed to pull ahead of Denver in the fourth quarter and cover the difference. The Jaguars played spectacularly as well in a high-paced and dynamic game against the Colts, which was admittedly the more exciting of the two to watch.

Now, both teams are back and they are facing off in a bid to settle their rivalry in NFL Week 2. Tennessee and Jacksonville would naturally want to keep their advantage, but only one team can win back-to-back.

Where and When to Watch Titans vs Jaguars – September 20, 2020

  • Date: Sunday, August 20
  • Time: 8:00 pm EEST
  • Place: Nassan Stadium, Nashville, TN
  • TV: CBS

Odds to Win Titans vs Jaguars (NFL Week 2, 2020)

Tennessee Titans-11 (-110)Y 43 (-110)
Jacksonville Jaguars+11 (-110)O 43 (-110)
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Titans Betting Preview: NFL Week 2

After a fantastic victory on Monday, we can truly say that the Titans do know how to play ball. Since Ryan Tannehill stepped in as quarterback, the team has been doing quite well. Yet, the Titans are known for their slow pace of play, and if the game against the Denver Broncos was any indication, we saw just that.

Both A.J. Brown and Derrick Henry were there and did a fantastic job, helping their team secure a close opening game. With Mike Vrabel having picked his players well, the Titans’ gamble did pay off.

While some teams prioritize speed, Tennessee has opted for consistency. Tannehill still remains the most valuable player for his team and he has done well since he had to replace Marcus Mariota last year.

He ended up throwing 22 touchdowns and landing six interceptions in the season. Tannehill is not alone, though, with Jonnu Smith and Adam Humphries there to back him up. Besides, Tannehill landed with 249 YDS and 2 touchdowns, which is the exact replica of his overall season performance.

True, the Titans lineup looks almost inconspicuous but we have reason to believe that this could play a rather mean trick on the Jaguars.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Will They Prove Too Quick to Catch?

While we have established that the Titans would most likely look for a more relaxed pace of play, the Jacksonville Jaguars are probably not going to humor them. Instead, Jacksonville is most likely going to start pushing up the pace of play and see if the Titans can keep up. Besides, the Jaguars’ roster is looking good.

The Jaguars may look like a nondescript team but they have had a brilliant start. More impressively still, they dominated the Colts, a historic nemesis who has won the majority of their match-ups between the two teams. Gardner Minshew is definitely the player to watch with his precision touchdown passes, always posing a threat to an opponent’s team.

Chris Conley is another addition and he managed to land five touchdowns in 2019. Josh Allen, a promising rookie will also be playing and try to lead his team to a well-deserved victory.

The moneyline is hard to determine for this one, but the Jaguar’s fast play may prove a little too much for the Titans on Sunday.

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