The Green Bay Packers to Win Super Bowl 54 Improve to +750

  • Green Bay Packers improve their odds to win the Super Bowl to +750 after Seattle Seahawks victory
  • The Packers have so far won four Super Bowls out of five total appearances, making them the perfect underdog for the February showdown
  • Analysts discuss whether Aaron Rogers can bring the Packers to yet another successful Super Bowl performance

With the Packers sealing a pivotal victory against the Seahawks, the team has everything it needs to make it into the final game.

Packers Looking at a 6th Super Bowl Appearance

What a game it was when the Green Bay Packers met with the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, winning a well-deserved 28-23 victory.

The Divisional Round-sealing game boosted the Packers overall odds to (+750) to progress to Super Bowl 54 and win it. Whether this happens, though, will be decided on Monday during the NFC Championship.

And the stakes are even higher than you think, as the Packers and the San Francisco 49ers are historical nemesis.

Teams BetOnline Bovada
Kansas City Chiefs +140 +135
San Francisco 49ers +150 +165
Green Bay Packers +700 +650
Tennessee Titans +800 +650

The showdown between the two teams is important for another reason as well – the teams have won 9 Super Bowl titles between each other, 5 going to the 49ers and 4 going to the Packers.

But, with Packers climbing 3rd in the overall bookies standing, it’s time to take a closer look at what might bring them closer to the title.

The Team Still Smarting

Before we see the Packers lay their claim on the Super Bowl, they will have to make up for a defeat they suffered earlier this year at 49ers home turf, losing 8-37 in what turned out to be a disastrous game for Matt LaFleur’s team.

Yet, the Packers are also the team who have Aaron Rodgers and if anything, Rodgers knows how to win a Super Bowl game – not to mention get his team across to the final.

And the best part? Rodgers is the only QB to have done so in the current post-season play. This is surely not a formula to success and besides, Rodgers won almost nine years ago – a victory well-etched in the memory of Green Bay fans.

“This is Aaron Rodgers Time”

Clearly, there is a lot of pressure on Rodgers, and in the words of Stephen A. Smith, Rodgers isn’t getting any younger. Yet, Smith has argued that the time has come for the Packers’ athlete to shine once again. True, he may have got on with age, but Rodgers is still the only one who has had hands-on experience playing as a QB at a Super Bowl event in this post-season scramble.

What would work best for Rodgers is to cut himself off what analysts think. Whether it is history or old age, the Packers will most importantly have to avoid injuries in the next game to secure themselves better shot at making it to, and subsequently winning, the Super Bowl.

Lamar Jackson and even Russel Wilson are given more weight when it comes to who the best QB this season is, but somehow that doesn’t seem important any more.

As Smith put it – Rodgers doesn’t have anything to lose anymore, and he might as well give it his best shot.

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