The top Free Agent Defensive Linemen in the NFL

NFL free agents

There are a lot of quality free agents this offseason, here are the best available Defensive Linemen.

DeMarcus Lawrence is ready to get paid

Although he is a free agent, the most likely scenario for DeMarcus Lawrence is staying put with the Dallas Cowboys. This season he played under a franchise tag but everything seems to be pointing to Cowboys management getting the deal put in place now. At 27 years old, Lawrence is in the prime of his career and is coming off back to back double digit sack seasons for the Cowboys.

All of this makes him the most coveted defensive free agent right now and he knows he will get paid one way or another. He has expressed that he is looking to sign a long term deal with Dallas when questioned about it at the Pro Bowl and the Cowboys seem ready to get the deal done according to statements made by Stephen Jones recently.

Trey Flowes is the Patriots most important free agent

When the Patriots selected Trey Flowers 101st overall in the 2015, they knew they were getting a player that does things the Belichik way. Trey Flowers best asset as a player is that he’s always doing exactly what is required of him. He always holds the edge against the run or puts pressure on the QB when the play calls for it. For that reason, he is considered by many the best Defensive End against the run in the NFL. He’s also a great pass rusher although his sack totals aren’t big, he is one of the league leaders in terms of pressuring the quarterback. He is a disruptive force on defense and is easily the best defensive lineman the Patriots have. It’s hard to know if he will resign with the Patriots as they have a history of letting players leave after their rookie deals have expired. Flowers will probably be looking for a 5-year contract in the neighborhood of $70-80 million dollars.

It’s highly unlikely that he will take any kind of discount and at 26 years old, he will have quite a few teams willing to pay him that type of money. It will be hard for the Patriots to invest that much in one player with the amount of free agents they have this offseason but loosing a player of his caliber would be a huge blow to this Patriots defense. Their Secondary is one of the best in the NFL and an effective pass rush is key to that success. Other than Flowers, they Patriots really don’t have a consistent pass rusher on the roster.

The Atlanta Falcons have a fight on their hands to keep Grady Jarrett

In terms on young interior linemen, Grady Jarrett will be the most sought after free agent this summer and the Falcons know it. Originally a 5th round pick, he has exceeded expectations and he will command a hefty salary which is why the Falcons have been cutting veteran players in recent weeks in an attempt to clear cap space.

The Falcons tried to sign Jarrett to a deal last season but they couldn’t get things worked out. As a matter of fact, according reports the two sides were far apart on the numbers. Expect this to be a tough negotiation process as Jarrett was even better this year and will expect to make around $16-18 million dollars per season.

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