Tom Brady Will Leave New England Patriots

Tom Brady announced his intention to leave the New England Patriots.

Instagram Statement

Earlier today, Brady shared a statement on his social media accounts, indicating that he won’t be returning to New England in the upcoming season. Although he didn’t say anything about a possibility for moving to another team, Brady’s narrative in the statement suggests that he won’t be retiring, but continuing to play football.

“Although my football journey will take place elsewhere, I appreciate everything that we have achieved and am grateful for our incredible TEAM accomplishments,” Brady wrote.

It seems that he either intends to continue his career elsewhere or to retire from playing and takes some other role, which includes him being tied to the game.

Whatever is the situation, the only certain thing is that one of the best players ever won’t be leading one of the best teams ever. Pats and Brady marked one era in the history of the NFL, and were arguably the best team ever.

The domination displayed throughout two decades, and the consistency during that time was unseen before, and the Patriots set new standards, as well as Brady’s performance. With rivals changing over the course of time, New England was staying on top, presenting a true force that was always the top contender for winning the Super Bowl.

Brady established himself as arguably the best quarterback of all times in 20 years spent in Foxborough. He won six titles, became a 3-time NFL MVP, 4-time Super Bowl MVP, 14-time Pro Bowler, 5-time All-Pro and is currently second on the all-time passing and passing TD list. These are only some of the achievements he made.

Already after losing against the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card round, there were some speculations that he might retire. But Brady denied that later, revealing his comeback for at least one more year. However, it seems that Bill Belichick didn’t want him around in New England anymore, and the two parties didn’t reach an agreement that would extend their partnership.

What’s Next For Brady?

There are several options for the 42-year old QB. According to many, the Los Angeles Chargers will make a strong push to land him. Brady is born in California, and playing for the Chargers would suit him well.

Also, the Bolts have a clear spot at the QB position as they parted ways with Philip Rivers after 16 years. The only thing which might be a problem is the fact that they don’t have a team capable of attacking the Super Bowl trophy,

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears are looking for a quarterback also. Even though they have Mitch Trubisky, the Bears need an elite passer who can lead them all the way.

Right now, Matt Nagy has one of the best teams int he NFL, with a fantastic defense, and excellent offense, but with an inexperienced and uncertain quarterback. The Bears can’t risk wasting another year with such a superb generation of players waiting for Turbisky to develop. Instead, they are exploring their options on the market, and one of them is signing Brady.