Tua Tagovailoa Signs a 4-Year Deal With the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins and the rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa agreed to terms, and the two parties will sign a four-year deal pretty soon.

Dolphins Secure Tagovailoa Long-Term

According to Field Yates, one of the most prominent NFL insiders, the franchise from Florida gave Tagovailoa a four-year deal worth $30, 275 million, with the signing bonus of $19.6 million. 

“Done deal: the Dolphins have agreed to terms with QB Tua Tagavailoa on a four-year, $30,275,438 deal with a fifth-year team option,” Yates wrote on his Twitter account.

Later today, it was added that the entire sum is guaranteed. 

Tagovailoa was projected to be the No.1 pick at this year’s NFL draft, but during the season, he picked up an injury that separated him from the field. Eventually, that opened the possibility for other players to jump over the Alabama QB. 

One of the biggest enigmas before this draft was his condition and his position during the selection. Some saw him much higher, and predicted that certain teams who are open to having a new QB, are willing to trade up for the 22-year old. 

On the other side, some experts believed that Tagovailoa’s injury made him a risky pick, predicting his fall all the way down to the lower part of the first round.

His talent is indisputable, and there aren’t many players with such skillset as Tagovailoa’s. Miami decided to take on a massive risk and pick up Tua, who will no doubt be the leader of the Dolphins’ team in the upcoming year. 

In 2017, the youngster managed to lead his team to the CFP National championship. He would replace the starting QB Jalen Hurts at the halftime of the finals, pushing the Crimson Tide to the trophy with 166 passing yards and three TDs. In 2018 he was an All-American and the winner of several other awards. 

The decision to pick Tagovailoa is already making positive effects on the Dolphins’ franchise. His Miami jersey is the most desired in the USA, eclipsing Tom Brady’s and Joe Burrow’s. It is something which suggests how big of an impact this young player has on the league. 

Just to add that, in fact, both of his jersey’s are topping the list of the most sold ones. The one with aqua motives is the most wanted in the USA, and Dolphin’s white is right behind him. After them are coming all the others.

Miami Dolphins needed something like this. The franchise from Florida became just an ordinary team whose results were far below the expected. Throughout history, this organization made big names and posted unreal results, but over the previous decade, they are far from being competitive. The fanbase, as well as the management, is hoping that Tagovailoa’s arrival is about to change everything. 

Dolphins were interested in him right after the end of the season, and they were even making combinations of how to secure the player from other teams. Eventually, everything ended up well, and Miami got one of the most talented players in the league. 

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