Tyson Fury Keeps on Calling Out Deontay Wilder Ahead of the Rematch

The two boxers keep on playing mind games ahead of the Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury II bout. The latest in a series of Fury’s call-outs towards the opponent is that he’s going to knock him out in round two.

I’m going to go for round two. I’ve been saying round two all camp and I’m going to stick by round two.”

Tyson Fury vows to knock out Deontay Wilder in second round.

Oddsmakers believe Fury’s claims are not unjustified. In their eyes, he is the favorite in this fight at the odds of -115. For many, the English pugilist deserved to win their previous fight, which finished in a draw.

Both boxers are still without a single defeat in their professional careers and both of them are famous as KO specialists. Deontay Wilder is thought of as one of the greatest knockout artists in the history of the sport, with 41 of 42 of his bouts finishing by a KO. If Fury manages to knock out Wilder, it’s going to be his 21st KO win in the career.

Wilder’s Bad Breath

Their bout is happening next weekend, but both fighters have been waging media war for ages. Fury has particularly been creative with the insults aimed at his nemesis. In a recent interview, he called him out for bad breath.

“The scariest thing about Deontay Wilder is breath. When you are right close to him that comes out of the bug giant mouth he got.”

Tyson Fury mocking Deontay Wilder.

Fury’s comments came as a response to an interviewer’s question of whether he’s intimidated by the Bronze Bomber. The fighter who knocked down Tyson two times in their first clash apparently does not ignite fear in the Englishman.

Trading Insults for Years

The two fighters have been calling each other for years. In fact, their war on Twitter stared almost eight years ago in December 2012 when Fury made comments regarding Wilder’s performance against Kelvin Price, saying he was not amused.

It took a couple of months for Wilder to strike back on Twitter. It was March 2013 when the Bronze Bomber reacted to Fury’s post in which he said Wilder didn’t deserve a shot against him.

Their 2013 Twitter beef went on for weeks. Rewind five years and the two are again calling out one another ahead of their 2018 bout. This time, it was Wilder who was on the front foot, calling out his rival for this weight.

The two heavyweights moved their beef from the internet to real life, eventually clashing during the weight-ins, a confrontation that involved Tyson Fury’s father as well.

Masturbating 7 Times a Day

Tyson Fury has been in the spotlight not only for his comments about his opponent, but also for his controversial preparation for the fight. His personal chef has recently revealed a diet plan that helped the Englishman to beef up, which includes curry and chocolate.

Still, the biggest headline regarding Fury’s fight preparation was his claim that he masturbates seven times each day in order to “keep testosterone flowing”.