U.S Presidential Election Political Odds on Trump Winning in 2024

  • Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden during 2021’s U.S presidential election.
  • Hinted he could run again in 2024.
  • Bookmakers have him as favorite to win.

*This article was updated on 8/18/22*

Will Donald Trump become president for the second time in 2024?

The opinion-splitting business tycoon turned political candidate, famously beat Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States of America back in 2017.

However, after losing out to Democratic rival Joe Biden in 2021, the 75-year-old now finds him facing a decision over whether or not to try and win back America’s most prestigious political seat again in 2024.

President Joe Biden speaks at the Yellowjacket Union on the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus in Superior on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Biden's visit detailed the passage of a bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure law to improve the state's roads, bridges and job market.

Biden 1391
© Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

Is Trump Running in 2024?

Although at the time of writing, it is still unconfirmed whether or not Trump will in fact run for President in 2024, statements made at recent public appearances have suggested that he may.

Speaking at the Republican donors’ event earlier this month, Trump, when asked whether or not he will consider leading the party to presidential victory admitted he is open to the possibility.

I feel obligated that we have to really look strongly at doing it again. We are looking at it very, very strongly. We have to do it. We have to do it.

Donald Trump on the possibility of running for President in 2024.

Ahead of what looks to be a drama-filled two years, VegasOdds has all you need to know when it comes to the political betting markets, including the chances of Americans seeing ‘Trump’ flags waving for the second time in as many presidential terms.

Keeping the Outlaws great meant bringing Trump flags to Saturday's event. Other pro-Trump messages, including Let's Go Brandon T-shirts, were seen. March 26 2022

Outlaws 22 Trump Flag 1
Keeping the Outlaws great meant bringing Trump flags to Saturday’s event. Other pro-Trump messages, including Let’s Go Brandon T-shirts, were seen. March 26 2022 Outlaws 22 Trump Flag 1

Biden vs Trump Odds

2024 U.S Presidential Election Winner Odds

2024 U.S Presidential Election WinnerOdds
Ron DeSantis+265
Donald Trump+325
Joe Biden+425
Gavin Newsom+1100
Kamala Harris+1200
Mike Pence+2000
Pete Buttigieg+3000
Michelle Obama+3000
Elizabeth Warren+3000
Hillary Clinton+4500
Candace Owens+15000
Bill Gates+50000

Trump 2024 U.S Presidential Election Prop Bet Odds

Republican Nominee

2024 U.S Election Presidential Election Republican NomineeOdds
Donald Trump+120
Ron DeSantis+120
Mike Pence+1200
Nikki Haley+2500
Mike Pompeo+2500
Tucker Carlson+5000
Ivanka Trump+8000
Donald Trump Jr+8000
Candace Owens+15000

Winning Party

Winning PartyOdds

To Progress Further

Republican CandidateOdds
Donald Trump-200
Mike Pence+125

Republican vs Democrats: Party Leader Double

Party Leader DoubleOdds
Donald Trump and Joe Biden+500
Donald Trump and Kamala Harris+700

Any Trump Family Member to Win the 2024 U.S Presidential Election

Any Trump Family Member to WinOdds
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