UFC 249: Gaethje Stuns Ferguson, Cejudo Wins and Retires

UFC 249 was spectacular, and we witnessed several superb fights, as well as some surprising moments. Justin Gaethje defeated Tony Ferguson, Henry Cejudo retired, while Francis Ngannou sliced Jairzinho Rozenstruik.

Gaethje Stops Ferguson

The Highlight, as the fans call Gaethje, made one of the biggest sensations in the last few years, beating the guy who hadn’t lost in eight years. Ferguson was a heavy favorite coming into this one, but a fantastic tactical approach Gaethje had caused him to lose.

At 3:39 of the last round, the judge in the ring, Herb Dean had to stop the bout, as he saw that Ferguson can’t defend anymore and that he receives a massive amount of beating unable to respond. Gaethje was all over the veteran but didn’t rush to force to the stoppage. Instead, he was patiently hurting and disarming Ferguson, up until the point when he couldn’t walk or throw punches.

Gaethje was super fast in this fight, and each time Ferguson tried to hit him, the response came from the other side, severely punishing the 36-year old. It was the first time that we haven’t seen Gaethje entering an open battle which he fancies, but it turned out to be a superb decision, which brought him a win. Chaos in the octagon and wild exchanges are Ferguson’s area.

After this battle, Gethje will meet with Khabib for the undisputed title of the lightweight division, and the only question is when.

Ngannou Smashes Rozenstruik

Only 20 seconds were enough for Francis Ngannou to earn himself another shot at the heavyweight title. That is how long the bout between him and Jairzinho Rozenstruik lasted. The Predator knocked out Bigi Boy, with one tough left hook which came after Ngannou exploded and went towards his opponent.

There were a few misses, but this one landed on Rozenstruick’s face, sending him to the floor, and the referee immediately stepped in to stop the bout and save the guy from Surinam from receiving additional beating.

It was clear that such a hard challenge came to early for Rozenstruik, who had 10 wins without a loss so far. Except for Alistair Overeem, he didn’t have a big name in his CV, and even that win was pretty much lucky.

As for Ngannou, he once again demonstrated that there isn’t a guy in the heavyweight division with a stronger punch than him.

Cejudo TKOs Cruz, Retires Afterward

Dominick Cruz made one bad decision, missing an uppercut on Henry Cejudo, and the next thing that happened was the referee stepping in and stopping the fight.

The reigning bantamweight champion hit the former with a knee in the head, with Cruz immediately crashing on the ground. After that Triple C went on rival’s back and unleashed a fury of punches, all of them to the rival’s head, closing on another win, and his first bantamweight title defense.

After the bout, Cejudo revealed that he retires from fighting, thanking the entire organization, the fans, and all of his closest ones for supporting him throughout the years. Right now, he wants to dedicate himself to the family, stating that there is nothing more to prove in the UFC, as he leaves while sitting on the top.

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