Updated Betting Odds to Win Stanley Cup 2019

The first round is complete, and now eight teams are left in the fight for the Stanley Cup. As you can expect, after all four one-seeds were eliminated, the title odds shifted dramatically from where they were at the start of the playoffs. Here are the updated odds, and a closer look at some of the teams still left.

Updated odds to win Stanley Cup

*odds at the beginning of playoffs in parentheses

Bruins +390 (+950)
Sharks +450 (+1,300)
Blues +550 (+2,000)
Islanders +600 (+2,300)
Blue Jackets +650 (+2,500)
Hurricanes +700 (+2,900)
Avalanche +750 (+3,000)
Stars +750 (+2,500)

Bruins +390

One of the few favorites to escape the first round with a victory, the Bruins slide up to the top spot in the odds. Their road to the Finals is much easier than previously expected, as now Boston will host the Blue Jackets rather than heading on the road against the Lightning. The Bruins proved once again that they are for real, upending a tough Maple Leafs team in the opening round. Their great first line, Cup-winning goaltender, and overall balanced attack make Boston the new favorite going forward.

Blues +550

Coming into the playoffs, the Blues had the seventh-worst odds out of the field to win the Stanley Cup. But after a convincing six-game victory over the Jets, along with some help from the Stars, they now have the third-best odds to win it all. St. Louis will now host Dallas for a series that will be centered around defense and strong goaltending. More often than not, those two things translate to playoff success.

Islanders +600

This is another team whose odds improved after winning their playoff series and seeing a potential second-round opponent lose. After sweeping the Penguins, the Islanders were happy to see the Hurricanes advance after seven tough games with the Capitals. New York, who has the fewest goals allowed in hockey, will have home-ice in this series against Carolina, making them one step closer to a long-awaited trip to the conference finals.

Avalanche +750

Although they are still tied for the lowest odds of the eight teams remaining, +750 is a huge jump from +3,000. That’s where the Avalanche were before they shocked the world and defeated the top-seeded Flames in five games. Colorado now begins a series with the new-West favorite Sharks, another Pacific team who is balanced and deep but has inconsistent goaltending. As we have just seen, upsets can happen to anyone.

The second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs starts Thursday night. The Blue Jackets and Bruins open up their series in Boston, while the Blues host Game 1 against the Stars. Friday, the Hurricanes and Islanders face off in New York and the Sharks and Avalanche battle in San Jose.