Updated Major League Baseball All Star Game Voting Results

The second round of MLB All-Star voting results has been released, and not much has changed from the first go-around. However, there are still a number of very tightly-contested races. Here is where we stand before the primary voting round closes on Friday.

American League


1. Gary Sanchez, Yankees – 1,357,340
2. James McCann, White Sox – 580,394
3. Robinson Chirinos, Astros – 487,868

Sanchez is the runaway favorite so far at catcher, with 20 home runs and a .937 OPS. McCann and Chirinos are currently in a position to make it to the Starters Election, but don’t sleep on Jason Castro, who trails Chirinos by about 40,000 votes.

First Base

1. Luke Voit, Yankees – 696,164
2. C.J. Cron, Twins – 586,303
3. Carlos Santana, Indians – 560, 836

Another Yankee leads the voting, but it’s a race that’s tighter than a lot of the others. Jose Abreu was passed by Santana since the last vote and could make a late push over the next couple days to get back into the top three.

Second Base

1. Tommy La Stella, Angels – 1,020,912
2. Jose Altuve, Astros – 923,117
3. DJ LeMahieu, Yankees – 739,074

La Stella’s breakout season has continued, once again leading to him at the top of the list and putting Altuve in jeopardy of not starting for the first time in five years. These will almost certainly be the three to advance to the next round.

Third Base

1. Alex Bregman, Astros – 1,322,935
2. Gio Urshela, Yankees – 502,614
3. Hunter Dozier, Royals – 424,028

This is the largest lead at any position in both leagues, so chances are Bregman has absolutely nothing to worry about. The most drama comes from that last spot, where Rafael Devers trails Dozier by about 90,000 votes.


1. Jorge Polanco, Twins – 818,082
2. Carlos Correa, Astros – 656,995
3. Gleyber Torres, Yankees – 565,728

With a league-leading .332 average, Polanco also leads in votes at shortstop, with an injured Correa next up. Chicago’s Tim Anderson is sneaking into the top three, trailing Torres by about 55,000 votes.


1. Mike Trout, Angels – 1,904,273
2. George Springer, Astros – 1,495,817
3. Michael Brantley, Astros – 924,173
4. Austin Meadows, Rays – 887,946
5. Mookie Betts, Red Sox – 777,642
6. Eddie Rosario, Twins – 687,515
7. Aaron Judge, Yankees – 577, 640
8. Joey Gallo, Rangers – 537,934
9. Josh Reddick, Astros – 511,903

The top nine all advance to the Starters Election, so the top few outfielders like Trout and Springer will be just fine. A pair of Twins lurk just outside this group, as Max Kepler and Byron Buxton trail Reddick by less than 100,000 votes.

Designated Hitter

1. J.D. Martinez, Red Sox – 893,689
2. Hunter Pence, Rangers – 602,766
3. Nelson Cruz, Twins – 506,211

Martinez holds a decent lead, with comeback player of the year candidate Pence next up. Shohei Ohtani has a little bit of work to do to get into the top three, as he sits behind Cruz by a little under 150,000 votes.

National League


1. Willson Contreras, Cubs – 1,555,490
2. Brian McCann, Braves – 725,484
3. Yasmani Grandal, Brewers – 513,412

It’s another sizable lead from the catcher position, with Contreras running away with the top slot. Grandal moved into the top three after trailing both J.T. Realmuto and Yadier Molina in the initial voting results.

First Base

1. Josh Bell, Pirates – 1,106,186
2. Freddie Freeman, Braves – 1,022,535
3. Anthony Rizzo, Cubs – 948,047

Bell is the leader as he continues his breakout 2019, followed closely by Freeman. These will be the three advancing to the next round of voting unless Max Muncy can gain about 500,000 votes on Rizzo in the next three days.

Second Base

1. Ozzie Albies, Braves – 1,011,132
2. Mike Moustakas, Brewers – 966,391
3. Ketel Marte, Diamondbacks – 554,524

The race between Albies and Moustakas should be interesting, with each of them putting together All-Star caliber seasons. Enrique Hernandez of the Dodgers is the odd man out, about 100,000 votes behind Marte.

Third Base

1. Nolan Arenado, Rockies – 1,475,825
2. Kris Bryant, Cubs – 850,758
3. Josh Donaldson, Braves – 550,947

Arenado is one of the leading vote-getters all across the league, so his place in the Starters Election seems secure. Donaldson recently passed Justin Turner for the third spot, but his 38,000 vote lead is one of the tightest in baseball.


1. Javier Baez, Cubs – 1,672,062
2. Dansby Swanson, Braves – 764,663
3. Corey Seager, Dodgers – 494,546

Baez has been running away with this from the beginning and should fare very well in the next stage. That third spot has the most intrigue, with Trevor Story only behind by 37,000 votes and Seager recently being placed on the IL.


1. Cody Bellinger, Dodgers – 2,184,251
2. Christian Yelich, Brewers – 2,065,382
3. Ronald Acuna Jr., Braves – 1,229,200
4. Albert Almora Jr., Cubs – 645,291
5. Jason Heyward, Cubs – 614,823
6. Nick Markakis, Braves – 614,358
7. Joc Pederson, Dodgers – 598,909
8. Kyle Schwarber, Cubs – 585,997
9. Charlie Blackmon, Rockies – 530,342

The top three on this list stick out like a sore thumb, followed by the entire Cubs outfield and a few other interesting picks. Bryce Harper is currently 10th and needs to gain about 32,000 votes on Blackmon to advance to the next round of voting.

The top three vote-getters at each position (and nine outfielders) will be candidates in the new Starters Election, which will begin on Wednesday, June 26th. The All-Star Game is Tuesday, July 9th in Cleveland.

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