Walmart Didn’t Mean to Say Violent Games Cause Gun Deaths

Walmart has backtracked a previous statement in which it supported President Donald J. Trump statement that violent video games were linked to the number of shootings in the country.

Walmart Enacts Brief Policy on Sale of ‘Violent’ Games

In the wake of another violent shooting in El Paso in which 22 people died and 24 more were injured, U.S. President Donald J. Trump delivered an address to the nation in which he criticized violent video games as the reason behind the attacks.

The statement conveniently glossed over lax gun controls in the U.S. which have led to more victims at home than any terrorist attack on home soil, or during a recent military invasion.

With the rise of white supremacists organizations around the world and President Trump’s apparent nonchalance about the subject. From Charlottesville car attack to the most recent abhorrent shooting in El Paso, the President has appeared grossly inadequate and detached from reality.

In his muffled public appearance, he blamed video games as the main reason why – a claim that was immediately disproved by hard evidence. Media news outlet Vox has released a detailed diagram demonstrating the fallacy of President Trump’s claim.

Responding to the President, media outlets joined in to argue against the President. Corporate America, however, had another idea. A report by gaming media IGN, originally pointed out that Walmart had decided to halt the sell of specific video games, citing support for the families. Here’s what Walmart’s director of national media relations LeMia Jenkins had to say:

“We’ve taken this action out of respect for the incidents of the past week, and it does not reflect a long-term change in our video game assortment. We are focused on assisting our associates and their families, as well as supporting the community, as we continue a thoughtful and thorough review of our policies.”

People began tweeting images of empty video game sections with Walmart employers enacting the policy in a rush. Yet, shortly after, Walmart reached out to explain that their media department got “confused” and that there was no such policy under way.

Mislaying the Blame

Picking video games will definitely resonate with some voters and it would be a field’s day for spin doctors who have had a much tougher nonsense to deal with when it comes to President Trump. At a, two people were shot by a fellow player who had lost earlier in the day. Jacksonville Madden NFL 19 tournament

Yet, NFL 19 is based on the original football league and arguing against it would be tantamount to trying to cancel out the Super Bowl as it might be too violent.

None of this made any sense, and Rod “Slasher” Breslau, a respected gaming journalist was among the people to appear on Fox News, a network affiliated with the President and readily disproved those claims., a respected gaming journal, also chimed in citing an Oxford study which also indicated no clear link between violent outbursts and playing video games.