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Junior Browne  |  Thu 3rd Jan   | NFL

With all of the recent coaching vacancies we take a moment to look at the top candidates to fill those voids around the NFL.

Coaches with experience

At the top of the list has to be former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Although the end wasn’t pretty, McCarthy is a good coach who will be on most teams short list. Anytime a coach is turning down interview requests from teams, you know that he is in high demand.

Nobody knows for sure where he will land but the favorites at the moment seem to be the Jets and Browns, 2 teams with young franchise quarterbacks. Wherever he lands McCarthy will surely be an improvement to the former regime in place.

The other coach with experience that will be in high demand is Bruce Arians. He had success with the Arizona Cardinals and his coaching style will fit several teams looking to fill head coaching vacancies. The two time AP coach of the year is a proven winner and led the Cardinals to the NFC championship game as recently as 2015. Even though he only recently retired, he was only a head coach for 5 seasons and will still be hungry.

Coaches with experience but little success

Adam Gase did not have much success in Miami but at only 40 years old, he will still be considered as coaching candidate by many franchises around the NFL. The fact that he is known as an offensive mind that has had success working with quarterbacks in the past is something working in his favor.

Tod Bowles started off his tenure with the New York Jets with success before the regression over the last few seasons. In an offensively driven league, he might have a problem getting a head coaching job right away as a defensive minded guy.

The most likely scenario for Bowles is that he will get a job as a defensive coordinator. There are very few elite defenses left in the league meaning he will most likely receive more interviews for that position than as a head coach.

Assistant coaches who might get a chance for promotion

Josh McDaniels had an unsuccessful stint as a head coach in Denver but that was a long time ago and he has been an excellent offensive coordinator for many years under Bill Bilichek. The incident where he turned down the Colts head coaching job when it seemed a done deal was one of the strangest sagas in the NFL.

With all of that being said, he is still in high demand throughout the league. The fact that he has already turned down the chance to be interviewed by the Cincinnati Bengals lets you know that he will be choosing his final destination as opposed to most coaches just hoping for an opportunity. It seems like he is the favorite to land the Green Bay Packers job with an interview apparently scheduled for the near future.

The other in demand offensive coordinator at the moment is Eric Bieniemy of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is scheduled to be interviewed by the New Jets, Tamp Bay. It is expected that he will be a head coach by next season.

Junior Browne