WePlay Esports Hosting Mortal Kombat 11 Fighting Game Event

Since the Bukovel Minor, WePlay Esports has established itself as a household name in esports tournament productions and now, the organization is branching out into other genres, adding Mortal Kombat 11 to a growing number of titles.

WePlay will hold a Mortal Kombat 11 event dubbed WePlay Dragon Temple, from December 10 through December 13, which will be the first time the organization has undertaken a Fighting Gaming Community (FGC) event. The expansion is an interesting new frontier for WePlay as the FGC expects high production quality and is passionate about the genre.

To get things right, WePlay are bringing top Mortal Kombat players to Arena Kyiv and have set the prize pool at $60,000, plus a few community events that will have fans involved. With an official free stream on Twitch, this may be an interesting new beginning for the community.

Readying up for WePlay’s First Fighting Game Event

WePlay will seek to maximize production quality and create an intense competition where fans will be able to follow and cheer for their favorites through the group stages and playoffs, and right through the grand finale.

The groups will run a round-robin format with the four best performing players from each group advancing to a double-elimination bracket in the playoffs. Each will be played in a best-of-five format.    

WePlay Esports seems to be taking on an ambitious new project and one intended to scale up the popularity of the genre, especially in light of the recent scandal involving Joey Cuellar, the co-founder and president of the biggest fighting gaming event, Evo.

Cuellar was ousted of the organization earlier this year amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Where some have seen the end of the FGC, WePlay Esports has seen an opportunity.

“We at WePlay Esports recognize that fighting games have all they need to become a form of mass entertainment, just like boxing and UFC,” said the organization’s general manager for Americas Anton Gribovskiy.

Gribovskiy elaborated that the potential of fighting games was immense with many generations of casual players looking for a rallying call to reunite and empower a promising genre to the top of the competitive video gaming world.

“Our teams will do their best to make this event special, so don’t miss it,” Gribovskiy added. He was joined by Eugene Shepelev, WePlay’s lead esports manager, who said that WePlay’s team was just excited about the event as were fans.

Involving Fans in the Absence of Live Crowds

WePlay will feature a LAN format but not have live audiences, something the company has experience with. To make the community feel more involved, though, spectators will have a chance to record themselves carrying out combos from the game and join a wacky mash-up where they end up battling each other, courtesy of WePlay.

The top eight-performing fans will progress and be able to record exclusive videos for the Dragon Temple event where WePlay will draw a winner and award them a PlayStation 5. Fans may tune in and watch the event live on WePlay Esports’ official Twitch channel.

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