What happened to Todd Gurley in the Super Bowl?

Rams running back

Nobody can seem to explain why Todd Gurley was hardly used in the Super Bowl and it doesn’t appear like we might ever get an answer.

The best RB in the NFL

The NFL has a lot of great running backs at the moment which makes it hard to choose one. The overall consensus after this past regular season is that Todd Gurley is that man. If you were to ask that same question after the playoffs, you would probably have a lot of people ready to re-cast their vote. In fact, Gurley was so bad by his standards that most people feel like the Rams are covering up some kind of injury. The thing is Gurley himself says he isn’t hurt while all reports on and off the record seem to indicate that there isn’t anything wrong with him.

That’s what makes this entire situation all the more confusing. Remember we’re talking about a guy who was legitimately in the MVP conversation for most of the season which is all the more impressive these days in a QB driven league where running backs don’t have nearly the same value they did even 10 years ago.

Did Sean McVay lose faith and why?

Before the Super Bowl, Sean McVay was considered the most brilliant young mind in football. The coach that is the most likely to be the “next Belichik” looked very average in the Super Bowl against the real Belichik. After the game McVay to his credit was quick to say he got outcoached which is commendable of him given the magnitude of the loss. What he still hasn’t explained to anyone is why did he not use his best offensive weapon in the biggest game of the season if he wasn’t hurt? The Rams ran the ball 18 times in the game, 10 of those to Gurley. In what was a one score game for most of the way, why run the ball so little.

If we look at it from Jared Geoff’s perspective, he looked like he really needed Gurley. From the first possession of the game, Goff looked rattled. Usually when you have a young QB and he looks like he needs time to settle down, you lean on your run game. Even if for arguments sake Sean McVay thought CJ Anderson was running the ball better in the post season, Gurley had 59 receptions for 4 touchdowns during the regular season. He’s still a weapon in the passing game yet he didn’t get a sniff in the Super Bowl. His drops in the NFC championship game were bad but no bad enough that you completely freeze the guy out. In fact, CJ Anderson had more passes thrown his way than Gurley did. This makes absolutely no sense on any level if Gurley isn’t hurt.

Anyway you look at it, there is no explanation that Sean McVay can give for Gurley’s lack of involvement that will not make him look bad other than saying he was hurt. The Rams invested so much money in Gurley that Le’Veon Bell sat out an entire season so he can get that type of contract. To not use your best offensive player who you’ve invested more money into than any running in history is the most confusing storyline of this past NFL season.

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