What is Next for the Lakers and the Pelicans?

Anthony Davis trade is almost an official thing. We are just hours away from the completion of one of the biggest trades in NBA in the last few decades.

Whatever you might think about AD and everything surrounding him, this is a move which will shape the new landscape in the NBA.

Big Man Finally in California

The Lakers are now the title contender, and they have to fill in a few more gaps to become the biggest favorites for winning the title.

Now, what is the final deal between the LA and the Pelicans? The purple and gold get AD, while in the opposite directions goes several players and few first round picks. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, the No.4 pick from this year’s draft, and three first-round picks from the upcoming drafts.

Who won in this deal? Well, pretty much both sides. David Griffin took the best possible deal for the Pelicans, and the Lakers got what they wanted.

If you look closely, the Pelicans could be in the playoffs even this year. They have Zion in their pocket and besides him several huge potentials. Not to forget that Jrue Holiday stayed in Big Easy. Julius Randle will test the free agency, but we’ll see what happens with that.

What is the Next Step?

Meanwhile, Lonzo Ball, Ingram, and Hart are here, and there are two options for these guys, One is to stay in NO and become the regular members of the crew, and two is for them to be a part of another trade. It is no secret that Griffin wants an All-Star in this free agency, the one which would bring experience, and help Zion and the youngsters to develop in the best possible way.

He would also make the Pelicans a playoff team, and competitive side. Now, there are few options on how to land such a player, and one of them is by trade. Lonzo Ball, along with some other players and picks should be nice leverage in that situation.

That No.4 pick is promising and very important for the Pelicans who are keen on taking Coby White or Darius Garland. All in all, the Pelicans have their strategy and are slowly making it come true.

The Lakers still have one max contract slot, and they need to act fast in order to get one of the few remaining players on the market. Kevin Durant’s and Klay Thompson’s injury changed everything, and the teams have to adapt to new circumstances.

Kyrie is available, but as time goes by, Brooklyn is becoming a bigger and bigger favorite. Jimmy Butler is not what they need, while on the other side, Kawhi Leonard would like to go to LA, his hometown, but not to be in anybody’s shadow. Even if he jumps to the West Coast from Canada, it would be to Clippers, as he wants his own team, rather than to be a part of the big trio. Kemba too wants his team, not to be a part of some trio. Plus, to be honest, we do agree upon the fact that he is overrated.

But even if Lakers don’t do a thing here, they are still one of the biggest, if not the biggest favorite, to win a title.

We now wait to see how the story develops further.

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