What’s Esports Betting and Can You Bet on Video Games?

The entertainment industry has been affected in the fullest around the world since the COVID-19 illness got out, setting a global domino reaction and hitting hard on the livelihoods of millions of people. Yet, one segment that has done fairly well in the global state of emergency the novel coronavirus has ushered in is video games, and specifically, esports betting.

With a number of sporting events already postponed or canceled, sports fans don’t have much to do. The ritual of following your favorite sports has been put on hold by the novel coronavirus.

Yet, esports seems to be palliative in these times of uncertainty. While initially, all offline esports events were suspended, causing a bit of a stir among video games, the global rebound has been swift and esports are back online – so is esports betting.

All major competitions, including the Overwatch League, CS:GO tournaments, and League of Legendsfranchised leagues are up and running and this is good news. The question is, would they be of any interest to you today?

What’s Esports and Should Sports Fans Bet on It?

Even though sports fans are prefer physical activity over being couch potatoes, they now have an opportunity to turn to an alternative type of “sport.” The question about the terms used to described competitive video gaming has been divisive, to begin with, but one way or another, esports takes skill and a lot of it.

The good news is even the biggest sports fan has probably already heard about esports titles – many are actually playing them religiously and the shift from a sports bettor to an esports bettor shouldn’t, in fact, be too much of a hassle. First, esports is a blanket term, whereas there are many sub-categories, i.e. individual games to pick from. In other words, you can place your money on:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Fortnite
  • Apex Legends
  • Hearthstone
  • MTG: Arena

These games don’t necessarily have to ring a bell just yet. With so many around, you can pick your own genre, choosing from shooters, strategy games and massive mobile arenas, with a few additional ones thrown into the mix.

If You Understand the Game, You Will Be Able to Bet on Esports

While esports may take you a bit to get used to, if you choose to bet on any of the games, you will find plenty of markets to do just that. Esports is pretty much subject to the same types of bets you can otherwise place on an NBA or NFL game.

In fact, there might even be a few wagers more to make as it were. Once again, match winners seem to be the wagers that get the more attention owing their straightforward nature.

Yet, other opportunities to bet exist. You can experiment with various score predictions or bet over/under on the total kills/points/won rounds in a game. A popular proposition bet remains the “Team to Draw First Blood” popular with nearly all games available today.

In essence, yes, you can bet on video games by using your knowledge of traditional sports and following the same wisdom.

What Esports Games Should Sports Fans Bet on First?

With so many viable markets, we will assume you are only now starting to find out about how to bet on esports. The obvious answer is the simplest, as always. You want to stick to games that are popular and easy to follow and where the media coverage is sufficient to allow you to make well-informed decisions, at least in theory.

Bet on Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike may not have the same number of followers, but the game is extremely well covered. You will be able to find vital information at community portals, such as:

  • Reddit/r/csgo
  • HLTV.org

It’s very simple to get into CS:GO and to follow the on-screen action, which is why many new esports bettors might actually choose this over any other game. Yet, as soon as you start watching professionals at play, you will be very possibly wowed at how quickly and smart I simple game as Counter-Strike can be played.

Pre-emptive shots, the use of secondary equipment and strategy are deeply rooted in the success of any esports team. Today, you might want to start by following teams such as:

  • Astralis
  • G2
  • Mousesports
  • Fnatic
  • Team Liquid

League of Legends Betting

League of Legends’ global profile has given rise to quite a few regional competitions. You will want to focus on the North American competition or in the very least look your locally available leagues. The activity itself is popular but not necessarily talked about too much. Once again, Reddit seems to be the best source of information when it comes to betting, but instead of looking for specific betting tips, our advice is to see what the community thinks about a specific outcome.

Depending on your location, you will generally have access to different teams to bet on. The United States’ top-performing team and almost unchallenged contestant in the region is Cloud9.

Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 is another popular market with bountiful opportunities. There are several minor and major events throughout the year that together make up the so-called Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) that culminates into The International, the world’s largest esports tournament.

When it comes to Dota 2, there are many great teams and the competitive events are less “localized,” and usually bring together the top-ranked teams. As of this moment, TNC Predator, Vici Gaming, Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, and Invictus Gaming seem to be leading in the DPC. They are worth a closer eye.

A Thing to Keep in Mind

While esports betting is exciting, we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the games before you place real money.

Even though the hobby can be fun, there always is a risk that can be theorized about without any certainty in the outcome. Yet, if you are into sports betting already, making the shift towards esports during the COVID-19 outbreak is not such a bad idea after all.