What’s Going on With the Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers might be on the verge of one of the biggest failures in their history.

“Why?” some of you might ask.

After watching ESPN’s 2019 NBA draft mock, one might think something like that. The observation Adrian Wojnarowski made regarding the Lakers’ current situation in no doubt pointing towards what we just wrote above.

Lakers Aren’t Interesting To Free Agents

According to one of the best NBA analysts, the Lakers are not attractive to any of the big names which are available in this free agency. Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, all these guys aren’t willing to go and play with LeBron.

This means only one thing. The sole player that could be lured by the Lakers’ management is Anthony Davis. The Eyebrow wishes to play with LBJ, and he isn’t hiding that. Despite the fact that the Celtics are in a better position and can offer a better deal, AD isn’t very keen on going to Massachusets.

But there is one other obstacle which separates him from landing in California. And that is his team. The Pelicans haven’t forgotten the tampering LAL made during the previous season, and they emphasized the fact that such a thing was disrespectful. Because of that move, the Pelicans decided to decline the Lakers’ offer for AD and have revealed some of the stuff from their negotiations.

That later affected the chemistry in LAL locker room and eventually made the environment toxic for any notable result or further development.

While most of the experts believed that the Pelicans’ are going to be softer a little bit during the summer free agency, the draft lottery changed that also. New Orleans has a No.1 pick and a chance to bring Zion, which means that they can wait for the best possible offer to AD before rushing into any move.

Bad Chemistry

It severely decreases the Lakers’ negotiation potential. And it suggests that Jeanie Buss and her advisors might spend James’ final years of career without winning anything. And yet they landed him here to start a new dynasty, to regain the throne along with the Lakers.

Now, all this looks a bit ridiculous. The Lakers are seen as a place without any strategy, with an extremely bad cohesion and chemistry, where their biggest name in history is almost kicked out of the organization.

We are talking about Magic Johnson. The guy who recruited LBJ, and who could help the franchise to add at least one superstar is now gone. And not only that, he is gone in the worst possible way, with telling how incredibly poor are the human relationships in the organizations. Just remember what Magic said, about the decision making, the desire for power of certain individuals, and the backstabbing talks etc.

And it is no wonder why nobody wants to join them. It might be tempting to play alongside James, but when there are no results, even that is not enough.

So, the Lakers might be the biggest disappointment of the next season.


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