Nikola Velickovic  |  Thu 10th Jan   | NBA

We all know that James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and LeBron James are the biggest favorites to win the MVP award this season.

While the Beard and the Greek Freak smash their opponents, LBJ is injured, but knowing his finish of the season, there is no doubt that his numbers are only going to get better.

Now, besides these guys there are several more, who might end up winning the most prestigious individual award in the NBA. So, we are here to expose them to you.

The Process

Our first pick is Joel Embiid. The big man from Cameroon is currently averaging 26.9 points and 13.5 boards along with 1.9 blocks. His shooting is solid, but what is the biggest strength of this guy is his versatility. He can play under the rim, outside, one-on-one in all situations, and be productive on the other side of the court, while playing defense. What could be his problem is 76ers situation, which is not that bright at the moment. Instead of making them stronger, Jimmy Butler’s arrival damaged the chemistry on the court, and particularly affected Embiid’s usage and style of play. So, if they solve this problem, and Philly starts playing better, the Process could have nice chances of reaching the award.

Joker Rolling the Nuggets

The next one is Nikola Jokic. The Joker was already mentioned here several times, as the guy who might shock the entire league, especially if his Nuggets stay on the top of the Western Conference. In that situation, you can’t avoid him in any talk about the MVP trophy. He is the leader of his team, both spiritual and on the floor, and his unusual style of play not only improves Denver’s stats, but amazes the fans all around the world, which is why, he has a positive reception everywhere he goes. You can’t find many people who dislike this guy, unlike for some other superstars. Jokic averages 19.2 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 7.5 assists, but with far fewer free throws per game. As the season goes by, we are sure that the referees are going to change that.

George Taking Over

The last one is Paul George. It is a bit odd that someone besides Russell Westbrook has the leading role, especially in his team. Well, this year George started taking over that position slowly, and it seems that the results are already there. He is feeling safe and comfortable after signing the contract with the OKC, and he is here to stay for some time. That gave him the freedom on the court and focused him only on playing basketball. His 26.8 points, with 8 rebounds and 2.2 steals are pushing the Thunder towards the top, and if by any chance they clinch the first place on the West, be sure that George has to be No,1 contender for taking that MVP award.

Besides these three guys we need to mention Anthony Davis, whose numbers are simply fantastic. Though, the state of his team is preventing him from being a legit contender for this honor. But if he ends up in Los Angeles, his chances are going to be much higher.

Nikola Velickovic