Who Got it Right and Who Messed Up on Day 1 of the NFL Draft?

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The first round of the NFL draft is complete and we take a look who are the biggest winners and losers according to their picks.

The Biggest Winners of the First Round

Right off the bat the obvious winners are the Arizona Cardinals who got their man when they took Kyler Murray. Last season they traded up to get Josh Rosen and instead of trying to ride out the storm so to speak and stick with their guy, they drafted someone better and traded Rosen to the Dolphins for second round pick in 2019 and a fifth round pick in 2020. Not great value but the point is they made the right move for their franchise instead of being stubborn. With the second pick, the 49ers took Nick Bosa which was a no brainer. He fits right into their defensive line and with the additions of him and Dee Ford this off season, the 49ers are already looking good for next season. With the third pick, the New York Jets might have got the most talented defensive player in the draft depending on who you ask when they picked Quinnen Williams. The one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that he will be an impact player from day one with All Pro potential. For a young team like the Jets, this is a step in the right direction as building the core of your team through the offensive and defensive lines is crucial. They already have their quarterback of the future and now they have their defensive anchor. The Tampa Bay Buccs got a replacement for Kwon Alexander which they needed desperately. This pick makes all the sense in the world considering how important Alexander has been to this team. The Washington Redskins probably got the biggest steal of the first round. By selecting Dwayne Haskins, the Washington Redskins probably got the second most talented quarterback in the draft while their division rivals the Giants, passed on him to go with the safe pick. Of course potential is a dangerous word and we have no idea if he will become as good as he looked in college but this has to be considered a homerun pick for the Redskins.

The Biggest Losers of the First Round

The New York Giants probably received the most negative press about their pick but a lot of that has to do with it being New York and of course the fact that the Eli Manning situation has become the only story in town when it comes to this team. The thing is if we’re going by potential, it would seem like Dwayne Haskins was the better pick but the Giants decided to go with Daniel Jones from Duke. He is definitely the safer pick but in terms of his physical traits as a quarterback, it appears that his upside is probably much more limited. In their defense he is probably more ready to contribute right away whereas Haskins only had one season as a starter in college and will need more time to develop. There’s also a growing feeling that Haskins would have struggled to deal with the New York media which might be true but if Jones can’t get the job done, it’s not like he won’t have his own issues in that regard. The Raiders are the first team that appear on the list with their pick when they picked of Clenin Ferrell. This is not a knock on Ferrell and is more to do with the Raiders picking him so early. He would have most likely been available later and if not they could have got a similar type of talent with a later pick in a draft loaded with defensive players. In terms of the player they got, Ferrell is a very good player who looks like he will be ready to make an immediate impact with this team if he plays up to his potential.

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