Winners and Losers – English Premier League Gameweek 24

With the 24th round behind us, things are becoming more and more clear regarding the EPL title race as Manchester City continues its rampage throughout the competition. But there is plenty of other questions that need answers. We’re here to give you some hints on who profited and who lost in this weekend’s matches. 


Ilkay Gundogan

We forgot how this lad plays the game of football. Once arriving in Manchester from Borussia Dortmund, Gundogan was one of the best players in the world, but as time went by, he subordinated himself to the team, not wanting to chase individual achievements but trophies. 

Following De Bruyne’s injury, Gundogan stepped in and replaced the Belgian superstar, as if nothing had happened. Furthermore, the Citizens are playing even better and more convincing. 


0-3 win on the road against Crystal Palace is a big plus for the Clarets, who were not so long ago seen as one of the teams who will most likely end the season among three places that lead to the Championship.

The win in London is a big deal, and they now have a chance to take a giant leap away from the red zone, with a win over direct rivals, Fulham, on Wednesday.


We are weak on the Foxes and tend to put them here each time they post some big result. Still, this one is more than just big. Once you knock out Liverpool in only five minutes, deliver three goals and rally back from behind, that needs to be acknowledged. 

Plus, this was a matchup for the Champions League spot, with the two direct rivals, with the Foxes simply having to win in order to say above the water. Right now, they sit third, with the same number of points as United, who is second. 



Well, it is logical, isn’t it? Champions are out of the title race, as they have 13 points fewer than Man City, who has a game in hand. The Reds experience a blackout during which they allowed three goals, one of them as a direct consequence of their goalkeeper Alisson.

This is the second time in a row for the Brazilian to make big errors, and he needs to pull himself together, otherwise, Liverpool could easily suffer elimination in the Champions League. 

Manchester United

Another slip for the Red Devils, who, instead of securing at least the UCL position, are pretty much complicating their own lives. Over the past few weeks, the team from Trafford dropped at least five points, they needed to take. Imagine them with 51 points. They would still have some prospects of reaching the silverware. 

But as always, they like to hurt themselves for no reason. It is the story since Solskjaer arrived.


For one brief moment, we thought that the Spurs are capable of challenging the top teams in the Premiership. But after the past few matches, it turned out that they are slightly better than the average. It is a painful truth, but that is what it is.  

This season will be about them reaching the Europa League, as we firmly believe that Mourinho’s unit doesn’t have a quality for the top four spots. 

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