Nikola Velickovic  |  Thu 8th Nov   | Soccer

One of the most exciting rounds in this season’s Champions League is behind us. We have seen some unreal results, and it is time for us to present you our opinion on the topic of winners and losers of this round.


To start with the positive things. Red Star Belgrade defeated Liverpool with 2-0 in Belgrade, making a huge sensation. A team who is currently under an investigation for fixing a match with PSG, made on hell of a surprise in Belgrade and amazed the whole world with its performance. Liverpool was completely stunned in Serbia, and it appears that the Reds underestimated the former European and world champions, after the first game in which they won easily with 4-0. Milan Pavkov became the hero of the nation, with two goals scored, and thy guy who was worth somewhere around $350,000 outplayed the defense worth at least 100 times more.

The next winner is Manchester United, who once again came back from the dead. Juventus was tearing them apart in Turin, and it is quite a miracle that the Old Lady hadn’t scored more goals except for Ronaldo’s beauty. And when everybody thought that it is all over, Juan Mata stepped up. The Spaniard’s goal from a free-kick was the initial spark for United, who scored twice in the span of three minutes. The second goal was a product of fortune when the ball deflected off several Juventus players and went behind the goal line. With this win, the Red Devils still have everything in their hands, and Mourinho’s position is a bit safer now.

The third team on our list is Ajax, who managed to hold on for a draw in Lisbon, where they played 1:1 against Benfica. It was a crucial match for these two sides, and Benfica’s win would mean that they are back in the race for the knockout stage. But Ajax managed to hold on, and they now have four point-advantage over the Portuguese team.


The biggest losers of the round are the boys from Lyon. With a 2-0 lead at the halftime and a player more on the pitch for more than 40 minutes, they couldn’t beat Hoffenheim and secure their spot in the next round. Instead, the Germans leveled the score, and they even had a chance to win. It was awful to watch Lyon defending, and not being able to score from 5 dead chances in front of the rival’s goal.

Liverpool has to be on our list. With this defeat, they made life much more complicated for them, as they have to travel for Paris to meet PSG in two weeks time. The loss in France could damage their plans to advance to the knockout stage.

Monaco is the third club here, as they got demolished at home to Club Brugge, 0-4. It is one of the most humiliating defeats of this club in their European history.

Nikola Velickovic