Woods Unhappy with Daly’s PGA Cart Waiver

Following his win in the Masters, Tiger Woods is back and with a few things on his mind about the upcoming PGA Championship. During a press conference on Tuesday, Woods criticized the organizers’ decision to grant John Daly a waiver to use a golf cart to get around Bethpage.

Woods Unhappy with John Daly’s Cart Exemption

Tiger Woods seems all good and ready to take on the PGA Championship kicking off on Thursday, May 16, at the Bethpage Black, a notorious golf course posting quite a few challenges to those who lack in stamina. The terrain’s notorious for its difficulty, stemming not only from natural obstacles, but also the long walking distance.

During his Tuesday pre-PGA conference, Woods briefly commented on John Daly receiving the PGA’s go-ahead to play with a golf cart: “As far as John Daly taking a cart goes, well, I walked with a broken leg…”.

Woods meant the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines when he played an 18-hole semi-final against Rocco Mediate.

Woods went through nearly 100 holes and that cost him a surgery on his knee later on. He had to retire from golfing until February 2009 when he came back for the WGC Match Play.

Daly Has an Injured Knee

Speaking to the Associated Press, Daly talked about his knee and the trouble he has been having with it:

I hope I don’t get a lot of grief from the fans, My knee is screwed. I had the meniscus cut out. I have osteoarthritis so bad … I can walk up a hill, I just can’t walk down one.”

The issue has been divisive among fans as well. Some people have welcomed the news that Daly would be allowed an entry into the competition, making for a more interesting PGA Championship, but other have been siding with Woods and his open criticism of the athlete.

Daly requested a cart for the U.S. Senior Open last year in Colorado, and the USGA refused to honor the request. Upon examination, the USGA argued that Daly would need to provide more information before a waiver is applied to his situation. However, the golfer didn’t follow up on this.

He won the Insperity Invitational on the PGA Tour Champions in 2017 and he has been one of the most interesting golfers to see playing. Him shooting against other experienced golfers on Thursday would definitely be interesting to watch and will add to the excitement of the PGA Championship held May 16-May 19.

The odds will certainly favor the best golfer in the three-day contest, whether Daly uses a cart or otherwise.