WrestleMania To Take Place Over Two Days Following Postponement

The sporting calendar has taken a massive hit since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, but one event that is still scheduled to take place is WrestleMania. However, the decision was made last week for the event to take place behind closed doors as opposed to the Raymond James Stadium.

Further changes to the schedule have been revealed, as the event will no longer just take place over one day. Instead, WrestleMania will be a two-day event, with matches taking place on Saturday 4th April and Sunday 5th April. The Roman Reigns vs Goldberg match will main event the Saturday night, while Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre will headline the Sunday.

Doubts Surrounding Talent Appearing

There are still some questions surrounding whether certain matches will be able to take place, as reports have emerged that Lesnar may not be able to make it to the WWE Performance Center due to the travel restrictions that are in place in the USA at present. The WWE Champion has dual citizenship, which is proving to be a problem for the company.

The announcement was also made over the weekend that the matches for the two-day event will be recorded this week, which means some of the matches will be pre-recorded. It is set to be one of the most unique WrestleMania’s of all-time, with some even questioning whether the event should have been delayed. Fans were concerned that the event would be behind closed doors, and if there is a sport that needs fans to thrive, then it is wrestling.

There has been no word on the two sets that are being used by the WWE in order to film the matches. The Performance Center will be one of the locations, but there is no word yet as to where the second lot of matches will be recorded.

Teasers For Potential Unique Matches

One of the biggest bouts on the card will be the return of John Cena. The wrestler turner Hollywood star hasn’t featured in a WWE match for over a year, and he is scheduled to face The Fiend at the Show of Shows. The odds highlight that The Fiend is the huge -500 favourite to take the win in the match, but Cena has recently teased that the match could take place outside of the ring.

The former world champion posted a picture on Instagram, which appeared to tease the potential match in a different location. However, it is unlikely that the WWE will let this happen given that the event now takes place over two days. A two-day Mania is something that has been spoken about for a number of years now, with last year’s WrestleMania lasting for just under seven hours.

Fans have accepted that every superstar wants to be on the card for the biggest show of the year, but maybe the best route forward would be to have two nights of action. The pandemic has opened the door for WWE to test that concept, but whether it will be a success remains to be seen.

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