Zion Williamson Out to Start the Season

Rookie sensation Zion Williamson is set to miss at least a few weeks to open the NBA season after suffering a knee injury during a preseason game.

Zion Williamson Out to Start the Season

Pelicans fans will have to wait to see Zion Williamson, the most exciting new player in the NBA possibly since LeBron James. I’m not saying that to compare him to LeBron because that’s not fair to a 19-year-old kid. The other reason is we’ve legitimately never seen a basketball player like Zion before.

When LeBron came into the NBA, we marveled at what a physical specimen he was for someone his age coming straight out of high school. Since then, LeBron put on a lot of muscles plus the obvious physical development that’s typical of anyone transitioning out of their teenage phase into adulthood. The thing is, Zion is bigger than LeBron right now, and he’s probably still going to continue to grow.

HIs Size Will Always Be a Concern

The debate about Zion Williamson and his size will never stop. He is by weight the second biggest player in the NBA and he’s a teenager. That is the appeal of Zion the phenomenon. Usually, a guy that size can’t do the things he’s able to do on a regular basis. His athleticism is other worldly and he seems to be ambidextrous when he dunks.

Simply put, he’s ESPN’s dream come true. He had millions of social media followers as a high school player. Many wondered if his highlight reel dunks would translate to college basketball. They did except they were more spectacular than his high school exploits because it was against better competition. Naturally the same questions are being asked about what he’ll be able to do in the NBA.

He Has Been Dominant in Pre Season

Whatever questions people had about Zion Williamson’s ability to do some of the amazing things we’ve seen from his so far in his young basketball journey. He averaged 23.3 points, 6.5 rebounds and shot an unbelievable 71% in his team’s first four games.

It’s hard to put too much stock into preseason games, but it’s also impossible to ignore this:

He looks like a man among boys even though he’s the youngest guy out there. The Zion hype is real and it’s only just beginning.

How Long Will Zion Be Out?

The New Orleans Pelicans have not given a timetable as to when he will be back. I’m not sure that’s a good thing because no timetable means endless speculation. Any way you look at it, the speculation is not going to go away because he is box office. Everyone wants to watch this guy play basketball because he plays so different from anything we’ve seen.

We also want to see if this is even possible. If he’s this athletic before he has the chance to work with professional trainers. Also is he still going to grow? Probably and if he does what is that going to look like? We’ll have to wait a few more weeks to find out but it should be fun.