Zion Williamson Seeks to Break Ties with Marketing Agency

Zion WIlliams when he was still playing for Duke
  • Zion Williams wants to cut ties with marketing agency
  • Lawsuit has been filed as a result
  • Prime Sports says Zion might inflict financial damages up to $100 million

Zion Williams has filed a lawsuit seeking to break all legal ties from Prime Sports, a marketing company that wants to continue representing the athlete without his agreeing-to..

Zion Williams Focused on NBA Career

Zion Williams, the former Duke star whose name was cited as one of the most promising collegiate basketball players, will now litigate with a marketing company which has allegedly broken the North Carolina’s sports agent law.

On Thursday, June 13, Williams filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Greensboro. The lawsuit stipulates that the player has the right to break ties with Prime Sports Marketing LLC, the agency which is now representing him.

Since news broke out, the marketing agency has refused to comment. The issue is that Williamson decided to join the NBA draft on April 15, but the contract he had with Prime Sports made no mention of the player losing his college eligibility as well.

There was no notice period nor a disclaimer which are both mandatory under the North Carolina Uniform Athlete Agents Act and give Williamson a strong bargaining chip in the case.

Establishing the Truth in the Williamson Case

In the filing, Williamson’s attorney has included a letter that was sent to Gina Ford, President of the company, dated May 31. Another letter sent on June 2 by Attorney Jeffrey S. Klein, representing the athlete, was also added to the filing. In that letter, Williamson claimed that the contract was void.

However, Ford argued that the damages incurred as a result of Williamson’s decision not to continue partnering with the agency could amount to $100 million.

Klein spared no words in arguing that Primer Sports has taken advantage of yet another collegiate athlete, citing the statures of North Carolina that protect such deals from impeding collegiate players’ future careers.

Williamson and attorney have asked the court to official pronounce the contract void and allow the player to continue competing in the NBA where he is expected to be drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans. It’s unlikely for the court to side with Prime Sports.

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