Big Poker Opportunity Available With BetOnline’s $2.5 Million Series

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As our avid readers know, we are true sportsheads from head to boot but our loyalty is to helping readers make smart bets, and that sometimes pops up outside of sports.

Attention Poker Players:

Have you ever played in an online poker tournament?

If you haven’t, you’ll notice that there are differences between that kind of play and being in “ring games” in an online poker room, such as the one at BetOnline.

For one thing, the action moves faster. And there is a sense of organization in a tournament that isn’t necessarily the case when you are playing under regular circumstances.

What’s so good about tournament poker in the online environment is that you have the opportunity to get a lot more value for your money;

In other words, for very little, you can win a lot.

Because of the current situation, which exists in many locations around the world, playing the game of poker online may be your only viable option. And you may actually be getting set to play online for the first time. If this is indeed, the case, our heavy recommendation is that you don’t go straight to playing in a tournament.

poker opportunity with bet online 2.5 million series

Non-Tournament Players

Instead, get involved with some ring games, if for no other purposes, than to familiarize yourself with the interaction that takes place between the players and the procedures in the online game. If you can play some freerolls (i.e., tournaments that don’t require a buy-in to play), that would be great. If not, do so at a small stakes table.

You’ll find yourself experiencing differing conditions – full tables, short-handed tables, even heads-up with another player. That’s fine, because when you get into competition, you’ll find yourself being in those kinds of situations if you want to keep advancing.

When you’re comfortable – which shouldn’t take too long – it may absolutely be to your advantage to play a tournament, particularly if you feel you’ve got some ability.

And the ideal place to start would be at BetOnline, in the $2.5 Million Championship Online Poker Series.

You saw that figure correctly. They’re offering a guaranteed $2.5 million, which is spread across all of the events – 100 of them, in fact. This is a very unique and lucrative event in the online poker world, and it’s, well, democratic, in the sense that while some professionals will no doubt make their way into the action, there is indeed something for everybody. You can actually buy into some events for as low as $1.10.

No-Pay, “Freebuy Satellites” Option

And there are ways to get into one of the events without spending a dime; there are no fewer than 81 “Freebuy Satellites” that can lead to a seat at the “big boy” table, if you can finish high enough.

Whichever events you want to enter are up to you. But whatever you decide to do, it couldn’t hurt all that much to keep going back to the ring games between events. And it might also serve to prepare you for an event you can partake in if you are really looking for an adventure. We’re talking about “Turbo” tournaments, in which you’ll be playing with a much shorter “clock” then you would in a normal online game.

These events obviously produce many more hands for you to play, but they also require you to make decisions much quicker. There is a certain art and technique to it, but you’re not going to get used to it unless you continue playing. Fortunately, there are a number of Turbo events in the $2.5 million series, and you can buy into a couple of them for as little as $5.50. So even if you fail, it’s still relatively painless.

This is an event you definitely want to be a part of. And the opportunities to get involved are abundant, as it runs through September 27.


First Deposit Bonus 50% → $1000

MINIMUM deposit of $55.00 is required to qualify for the bonus.

You will receive a 50% bonus on your qualifying first deposit only.

Deposits via Skrill and Neteller do not qualify for this bonus.

The maximum bonus per deposit is $1,000.00.

>Read the full terms and conditions